9 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – March 4, 2022

        1. Not normal.
          We’ve had below zero spells, but nothing like it can be.
          Windy and not much precip.
          Like I said. I haven’t used a sled for fire wood at all so far. Only a wheelbarrow.
          It’s been weird stuff this weather.
          I’ve seen brown Winter, but not like this.

  1. We’re all on the same page Henry, believe that big time! Thanks for the knowledge and truth, from my heart.

  2. I took this summary away from the broadcast today: Any who signed up to fight, please know the fight is here at home. American soldiers, if you want to defend freedom and your country, don’t be fooled by calls to serve in foreign wars. You’ll be fighting for the super rich globalists who care naught for any country’s well-being. And you will be fighting for Zionist objectives, and for (believe it or not) COMMUNISM. For over two centuries, the honorable have been sent into battle to fight and die, to fight and die for ARISTOCRACY. To define the enemy, learn where you rights are being trampled and who is doing the trampling. Give this gift to yourself and you will rest in knowing that you were/are in the right fight, a fight that will not be organized in the way you are used to, for such organization will invite impediment. It will be up to each individual to decide moment and method of engagement. So stay home or come home and help to fight for true liberty, for each INDIVIDUAL, and for our inalienable and unalienable Bill of Rights that assures that liberty.


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