25 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 14, 2018

  1. 69 now, 79 hi, 54 lo. Sunny, blue sky from horizon to horizon – 2 days in a row… NO CHEMTRAILS!!!

    They’re up to something.


    I need to go fishing. I actually have more respect for fish than sheeple.

    At least they try their best to break free when they’re caught… they understand the consequences.

  3. Powerful anti-war broadcast today, Henry. Really helped to bring people into the plight of “the insignificant” and the brutal cruelty they are enduring at the hands of the Zionist regime. May strength, vision, and courage be with all who face this enemy, anywhere on earth.


  4. Thanks Henry – Excellent Show – good overview on the current situation / genocide in Israel.
    Also goes into the link of money / power behind the situation.

    More supporting evidence of Henry’s take today and overall.
    Q is a BS Psy Op.
    Another good , related and supporting piece was made by Lifting the Veil on Bitchute link and description below.

    Also check out Max Igan – the Crowhouse on Bitchute some great shows lately on what is going on beneath it and how Trump is a fraud.

    Israel & #QAnon #GreatAwakening

    EXCELLENT WORK ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WATCH. Only available ( at the moment on Bitchute ) thankfully we have an uncensored outlet for you. He is currently being censored on YouTube.

    The matrix and how we are being manipulated in it

    It takes a few minutes to get going – hang in there.
    He does a careful, yet fair and truthful examination of Israel / Middle East , Q ( likely Mossad Psy-op ) , Alex Jones and other propagandists ( and how they do it ). Also examining the truth behind Iran and Saudi Arabia, and how Intel agencies and others quiet / attack people ( like Lifting the Veil ) telling the Truth. Also the Trump facade / lies in the Middle East. Also fair in looking at both sides of the Propaganda / ps ops including those targeting Israel.

    Having voted for Trump ( false opposition / 1/2 of the Oligarch / Jewish / Zionist Civil War OUR OWNERS )

    always with some doubt in the back of my mind and thinking could not be worse than Hillary – I am now pretty sure having followed him / the situation closely for over 3 years now – Trump is a Shill / sellout.

    A master marketer / perfect puppet for the real powers behind the throne. We are very likely being played BIG TIME by Trump.

    THANK YOU ! for having the courage to go after the truth and expose the Zionist Shills and their propaganda.

    I highly recommend people watch (THIS DOCUMENTS TRUMP’S CONNECTIONS TO THE ROTHSCHILDS AND CLEAR PROOF IT IT including Wilbur Ross ( Top Rothschild agent in U.S.)

    The Rothschild Syria Connection – Major Revelations

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