The Word From the Trenches – May 15, 2020

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19 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 15, 2020

  1. 65 sun
    I just put in tomatoes, peppers and potatoes….after Henry and JD I will be planting 2 cherry trees 🙂

  2. JD, can you point me to where I may hear you being referred to as a “sidekick?”

    It’s clear to me that you are your own person… In spades.


  3. Have noticed comments seem to be much lower than usual with all articles ..burnout or fear? Will also note Mark Koernke for the last few months has mentioned the Bill of Rights at least once on every show..Seems Henry must have had an effect on him few years ago. I would not mind to hear him as a guest and a collaboration about how this sht fight will play out. He does seem to have good incite when it comes to the battle.

    1. ‘Have noticed comments seem to be much lower than usual with all articles ..burnout or fear?’ FEAR? you’re kidding,right? As or myself, this is the time of year I get really busy outside…planting, mowing, various other warm weather projects like painting…yuk

    1. Ammon says that it’s coming to “our front door.” So what do we do Ammon, invite them in for a cup of coffee and a heart-to-heart?


  4. Not trying to offend Mary. I battle heart failure and I am only 56 years young. I have a pig valve in me from 6 years ago. I am just pointing out an observation cause in my condition I have time on my hands and notice things. Being in this constant battle to heal.. fttwr is the most important site to me. I want more than anything to stay alive long enough to see these wicked evil fks get what they deserve.

    1. No offense taken Al. It just struck me that anyone would not comment due to fear. I sure do hope you are around to see our victory.

  5. Well that was just f-king nice .. first off I have been turning your talks into video for near 4 years now, using my own time to do this because I have seen value in the general message. When I talked to you about sticking a camera up .. takes no time .. you are already doing the work. With tech today it is effortless and I even offered to help. As I explained it to you Henry it would open up a hole other venue for you. potential donations etc. This was trying to help you and your show. As to JD .. J.D. I was talking about the fed pumping a trillion per day into wall street to pump it up .. but its still failing, there is articles all over the place about it. This is in reference to Trump always saying that everything is good everything is fine, the economy is good when its not and hasn’t been for a long time.
    In reference to you knowing where I am .. What the f-k does this mean? .. I am threatened all of the time including right here at my studio .. I don’t hide from no one. For J.D. to get but hurt and make a big deal about calling him Henry’s side kick .. hey pal .. get some thicker skin .. it wasn’t to belittle you.
    In case anyone feels the need to come and straighten me out.
    My address is 1417 S.E. Stephens st. Roseburg Or. and my phone # is 541 680 7056

    1. I don’t need your address and phone number, I already have them.
      I know you’ve been turning my broadcasts into videos for four years now and that your intentions are to help, but what you don’t know is that this is not JD’s first dance, it has just been a few years since he has been up on the radio and you know nothing of the work he has done.
      He is not my f-king side-kick, he is my brother in arms and we fought for many a year as brothers. And you did insult him calling him a side-kick, obviously because it pissed him off. Don’t tell him to have thicker skin or throw in a ‘hey pal’ unless you are talking directly to his face.
      And don’t f-king challenge me, mother f-ker.
      419 Ash Street, Chiloquin, Oregon.
      Now you have my address and phone number.
      I didn’t listen to your video, but you will not belittle me, as I was the first. Got it? Number f-king one, to come on the internet and the radio, declare my rights, and speak my f-king mind as I would speak it in my living room or in my street. Nobody else would dare. But once the Trenches had taken the hard knocks, everybody got f-king brave and started talking like men talk to men.
      Now, we don’t need to be coming at each other like enemies at a time when unity and the mass awakening should be our common goal.
      I grant you have done some very good work, as I told you on the phone. So I will tell you this as politely as I can, I’m not putting up any f-king cameras. I’m broadcasting radio and all are free to do with those broadcasts as they please. As I told you on the phone, my first trip over that way, I will be stopping by to meet you. It is hard and slow to get to know someone not in person.
      In the end equation, I thank you for your work in promoting and defending my rights.
      Keep in mind, I didn’t just JOIN this movement, I was the very f-king first to break down the wall of political correctness and I’ve had crosshairs on my chest for ten years while others found this site where the people speak their minds.
      And hey, you know what? Maybe you can f-king straiten me out as to who I am and how I should be conducting myself. If you have any words for my brother, JD, maybe you can straighten his ass out too.
      I like you as a person. I believe you meant no harm but the commentary on your video struck JD the wrong way, as he already has five years of co-broadcasting on The Word From the Trenches under his belt, hence he has put the X on his own chest which commands the respect.
      Like I said, my next trip over in the valley, I will be coming to meet you and maybe we can straighten each other out. In the meantime, keep up the good work and get to know the people you are talking about. If you had gotten to know JD, you would never have referred to him as a side-kick, which in itself may seem trivial to you, but then again you don’t know JD and you don’t know the work he has done, even as a lead engineer for 9/11 Truth. If you two had met, I believe you would probably like each other.
      We are not little boys with buddies and side-kicks. We are on the front line and in the Trenches. We are all wired tight and misunderstandings are something we cannot afford.
      So you have a good day, Eddy, and as soon as I can, I will make the effort to come by and meet you.

    2. Hi Eddie,

      As I said on Friday’s radio show, you may not have meant anything in the way you phrased yourself, but it struck me as condescending and belittling.

      What I will never get “thick skin” about, is ANYONE slighting me, Henry or the show,… period.

      We work to hard, for to long to put up with anyone who may come across as derogatory of our efforts or intent, and we, me and my Brother Henry are the final judges of what we find insulting or not.

      Now I would hope it was little more than a manor of your style of expression than any ill intent, as I do think your intentions are in the right place, your heart and motivations are in the right place, so I would suggest we try to respect each other, and try to work to same result of exposing this criminal cartel called a gov’t, educating people of their designs, and helping people get ready for what will surely be a shit-fight to restore our Bill Of Rights, Our Freedoms and our Liberties for ourselves and our posterity.

      Allow me to propose, that we do more to work together, and not against each other Eddie, and we’ll chalk off this situation as learning experience which made us stronger.

      JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny.

  6. Anything I can do to facilitate all three of you getting together, just say the word. Eddie, you definitely should meet with these two awesome men, thats for goddamned sure. Things need to get straightened out before they get sideways, Henry and John are two men Eddie that are damn intelligent people, just like yourself Eddie, ive listened to your content, your very intelligent yourself, Henry has talked about you to me, I told him to get together with you and do some work, it would be great to see that happen.

    Good people need to come together, especially now. John and Henry are both extremely strong in mind and body, they both love freedom and everything that comes with it. These guys are extremely serious about what they do, and believe me Eddie, tied at the hip.

    Let’s make the good decisions going forward as far as a good relationship is concerned, Henry has devoted his life to Freedom, been attacked and imprisoned, John has lost a first son to this garbage, both are extremely tight individuals. IM sure you have you own story to tell as well Eddie.

    I Look forward to facilitating anything that brings you three together. I know John and Henry feel the same.

    Me, im just a guy who has met both these guys, I have been blessed to be friends with both, my life has been in the trenches for the last ten years. Survived cancer, been near death a couple of times, now its time to fight for our Bill of Rights, while advancing this site any way possible.

    1. You too, brother. You have done more than your share of writing and educating and hasvealways been there when the Trenches needed you. Never think we do not appreciate you and thank you for being there from the beginning.

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