19 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 16, 2022

      1. Yay, Mary!!

        Ya know, even if they talk over us, shut us down, little seeds get out and some good gets done. I think every effort is worthwhile, and them behavin’ like control freaks really exposes them.


    1. Seen some planes today leave short ones. Seen some today leave long ones that fog up the sky.

  1. On Friday
    The mother, and sister of the farmer here died due to a vehicle accident.
    They being both wonderful folk.
    I don’t know how old his sister is.
    His mother was turning 100 in about a month.
    She was sharp as a tack, and easy to believe she’d have made it quite a few more years.
    I tend not to get very emotional, or dramatic on this type of thing, although it is sad.

      1. I’m alright but worried about the farmer.
        If emotions aren’t kept in check, the mind ain’t right.
        Mourning is proper and one has to be sure not to reach insecurity levers, at least in my mind.
        I prefer to celebrate a life rather than mourn a guaranteed death. Also it seems to me that over mourning (and I’m not saying he is at this point) is kind of selfish considering missing someone so much, and not considering those who departed don’t have to deal with the compounding goofy stupidity, and evil (hopefully) left behind.
        Party on, sister 🙂

        1. Re: “If emotions aren’t kept in check, the mind ain’t right.”

          That’s a bit of wisdom right there, and believe me it’s something I struggle with, but I know what you wrote will help. Thanks, Hal, and so sorry about your farmer neighbor.


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