26 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 17, 2018

        1. I suspected as much, Joe.

          Charlie’s been around for a while, he’s definitely not a troll, but he does still seem to be somewhat confused on certain issues.

  1. great show Henry.. as disgusting as it is! i mailed you a package Monday, should be there today, tomorrow at the latest. it’s a medium size brown envelope with 612 in the return address .. just don’t want you to be afraid to open it! i may be too paranoid. anyway, let me know you got it. thanks.

  2. Thank you Henry, you hammered it home again with our Bill of Rights! You even hammered into the dirt those that are clamoring for the power of the state, again with the BofR’s. I am the supreme power/sovereign of this land.

  3. Thanks, Henry. Yeah, Dems are in full-court press. They’re even using the Gaza massacre to beef up their platform. Anyone promoting the vote is working for the enemy.


  4. Henry I don’t usually get to listen to the Word…this was a really educational podcast… I am so glad you are exposing these phonies (even Koernke, who kinda deceived me twenty years ago on short wave)…seems like when some group or “patriot” leader gets notariety it indicates they have sold out. Quit giving consent is right! Voting…write to Congress-critter…phone your rep… Had you been around (and on internet) in the mid-90s we wouldn’t have fallen for Rick McLaren’s nonsense….for one thing, he never understood Common Law, let alone Natural Law…

    Note: the guy who lives in Texas said you must pay property taxes? Not really! In Texas, one CAN GET ALLODIAL TITLE IF you live on land (POAs and HOAs excepted, you know, PROPERTY, not land!)

    Listened at 8 pm Central time… will listen more often.

  5. Ughh…

    Shouldn’t Tater be running for governor in Idaho…?

    And let me guess…

    His first name…is…

    Richard. ..

    But his friends just call him…


    So I vote for governor.

    Dick Tater of Idaho.

    Oh….ughhh I’m killin myself.



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