20 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 30, 2018

      1. The so-called ‘government’ admitted to what it really is back in 2011, mary.

        But it was for OUR ‘benefit’, don’cha know. It is designed to help curb ‘global warming’. 🙄

  1. I’ve always felt that I was meant to be here. I’ve NEVER listened to ANY other broadcasts than Henry’s, except for Spike’s occasionally, and then only because it was linked on FTT, and because he was obviously one of the TRUE patriots.

    I reiterate… there are NO other sites out there like this one, for pure, unadulterated TRUTH.

    1. #1, I hear you. There is NO ulterior motive in Henry’s heart, just educating the masses on the Bill of Rights. Can’t get any more simple than this.

  2. Yeah, well, I came away sad. I guess the broadcast today made me really pick up on what Henry’s up against.

    Henry, to hear you speak of the anguish that comes from telling the truth, even to family and friends, and them not getting it, and so you’re there just feeling bad for days, wow, I know how that feels. But none can know (except for maybe Laura) what it’s like for you, because of the broader way you deliver the truth daily and to all those you valiantly take on as you walk into the veritable den of inequity. The most wicked are those who claim to stand for good but serve evil, and you are tearing down that veil. I hope a way opens for you to garner all the support needed, not only to carry on the work, but also to restore you and bring some ease into your life. You are igniting the fires of freedom and some are taking the cue from your lead; may many more American Nationals start fires of their own. Often have you said that it’s all on an INDIVIDUAL basis and up to each. Thank you, and may life bless and protect you and Laura ALWAYS!!

    Note To Myself And Other Trenchers: We know we have one among us who is championing The Bill of Rights, who has studied it deeply, understands the protections it affords to ALL!! May we all do what we can to assist in the furthering of this cause, be it financial or otherwise. I ask myself to imagine life without Henry and it is pretty darn scary!! But he is readying us, everyday. Says he may not finish the fight but expects all of us to. Quite a worthy expectation.


    1. Heart felt regards you have spoken, galen, and very comprehensible to those of us that appreciate Henry’s labor daily. Thanks for saying what we all could say, perhaps have said within our own hearts, too.

  3. Its godamned important to remember we need to help each other out here, because our government sure as hell ain’t going to do it. We need to stand together, find ways to make our lives better, finding innovative ways to keep roofs over our heads.

    Housing as we get older is going to become a nightmare for many of us, especially if your single with no help from family with limited friends and cash.

    For many of us, the future is bleak, scary stuff. We need to figure the alternatives, now more than ever. Many of us have no retirement, social security is a joke. This means big problems down the road.

    We have to figure for the worst out here, it gets worse every day.

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