13 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 5, 2022

      1. How’s the garage coming? I’m starting on spring cleaning in the house now the rain has come. Dust dust and more dust.

  1. Tried to comment on broadcast today. Couldn’t get through. Tried 3 times, pressed unmute, called your name out, Henry, several times. Hope they ain’t blocking me.

    Anyhow, what I wanted to say re the invaders and the claim that they’re not being given their 4th Article rights… It’s funny how they cite from The Bill of Rights when it suits them and all the rest of the time they ignore it or disparage it.

    And when you were speaking of (as you frequently do), The Bill of Rights as the solution, I have to tell you that I drop in on other alternative broadcasts and guess what?!! More and more I’m hearing a Theocracy being pushed and The Bill of Rights being pushed away. One guy actually said (and I paraphrase), “You really believe you have rights?!! You don’t!! Only God has rights. You only have responsibility to do God’s will. And God doesn’t want separate nations but wants one unified world.”

    I gave the feedback that we should only stay with what we can prove and mentioned that he was imposing his beliefs on others.

    Well, I tell you this because I know your work is making an humongous difference and is now far-reaching. So it’s likely they are launching an all-out attack on our 10 Articles of true freedom. But as we know, they can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube, or the truth back in the shadows. Long live The Bill of Rights!!


    1. Naturally I did not hear you and I try to pause in case someone is trying to get in.
      Can’t tell you why you couldn’t get in, but I will say I do agree with your comment.
      And of course the religious fanatics are working hard to hijack what they couldn’t get off the ground for 30 f-king years because they are fanatics and they are few in number, though they are rich in their true god, mammon.
      We will wipe their asses out and they can shove their personal interpretation of their theory up their ass and know for goddamn sure I fear them not, as for thirty years, all they’ve done is bend over and take in the ass for mammon. We’ll kick their asses and take their shiny guns from them. They speak against the Bill of Rights, that’s treason by definition, and they will die the death of traitors. I’ll tell them like the rest of the mouthy mother f-kers out there, stop running your mouths and f-king do it if you think you can.

    1. One of my favorite guitar players.
      Bill Holland (the dude with the Seagulls hairdo) is one hell of a musician.

      1. Simply reading headlines here at the trenches this morning, it’s done got far too goofy for even me.
        I had to go somewhere else (mentally/spiritually)
        Glad you liked it.
        Ole Danny Gatton handed off his axe live to a twelve year old Joe Bonamassa…
        It can be found on jootube 🙂

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