21 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – November 2, 2018

  1. I’ve never heard McNeil, but seems to me you’ve proven time and time again that he is compromised, serving the system that is enslaving us.

    I wonder what it is that he just loves about Trump? Is it the removal of due process? The banning of bump-stocks? The undying support for Israel? The free speech cages? The tent cities he’s building to temporarily house the invaders ’till they can be given proper housing? Etc, etc, etc!!?

    I don’t get to spy on that broadcast, but thank you, Henry, for being the watchman there and for sharing your rage at this treason. What an insult to truth. To honor. To The Bill of Rights.


    1. I’d say jm is a gambler betting on the wrong side….I’ve said it a thousand times: there is the bill of rights…all else is spin

    2. Joe is a mystery, still trying to figure this guy out, what I’ve learned so far is he likes that cash. Something tells me he is one of those guys who has Trumps name stenciled with 5 foot letters on his garage door.

      1. Surely you guys heard the McNeil clip Henry played at the beginning of the show. This is no lightweight opposition of someone gone a bit astray. He called Trump a “champion.” Says we the people elected him and gave no acknowledgement that the vote is corrupt, on so many levels. Says Trump is moving in the right direction and is likely sent by God and he’s about the business of keeping his promises.

        It’s like a brainwashed guy setting out to brainwash any who would listen. But some who are listening have brains that can’t be washed; they keep their intelligence and critical thinking. They know when they’re being sold a bill of goods. I cannot be easy on this guy.


        1. Yeah, he is not friendly to Henrys cause at all, so that means he’s not friendly to us, really disturbing to say the least. Henry got the cold shoulder again from Mark Koernke today when Henry brought this up, I understand why, Koernke is good friends with McNeil, tough situation. I know Henry respects Mark, it’s tough…

      2. A mystery? As I see it he is a mental midget who worships mammon….if it wasn’t for MK he would have been off air years ago

    1. Shazam….was going to say hour of fire!!! ….

      @mark s. When he said “they’re setting us up for the big kill”…..BAM !!!

  2. Hi Henry and Laura,
    Thank you for today’s broadcast and news articles.
    I just noticed at the top of the page for Today’s broadcast….it is posted as November (11) 2018

    Thank you again for all you do and I hope your weekend is nice.

  3. Just noticed the date on this post says Nov.11th, 2018. That’s 9 days from now.

    I love that we can also learn time-travel here.

    Wink, wink.



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