The Word From the Trenches – November 2, 2020

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19 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – November 2, 2020

      1. Hi Katie,

        Thanks for finding that.


        OK!,… I’m ok now,… just had to stop and clean my vomit off the table after listening to Trump kiss the Clinton’s ass like that! And,… if I’m not mistaken, that was Trumps first daughter, Tiffany, sitting at the Clinton’s table! (If that wasn’t her, then it was her stunt double!)

        That would also be the same Tiffany that watched her father (Trump) RAPE Katie Johnson, then apologized to her for it!

        Nothing dysfunctional with this family,….

        JD – Going to the bathroom to vomit again…..

        1. They put the “fun” back in dys”fun”ctional, JD.

          What a G’d shiteshow and it’s SO hard to understand how some idiots are still falling for it. smfh

      2. Hi Katie,

        How do you embed a video (or picture) in the comment box like you did? (I was going to post a video clip and picture also, but can’t figure out how to do it.

        Thx – JD

          1. Hi Katie,

            Ahhhhhh, hence my inability to post a picture! (I was trying to copy/paste a meme of Killary Clinton and couldn’t get it to post no matter what I tried,…. )

            Ok,.. thanks, at least if I want to post a video clip, your suggestion should cover that.

            Thx – JD

        1. If you find the image you want to share on say Startpage, right click and Open Image in New Tab, then copy that link. It won’t embed when you paste it here, but will be a usable link for other commenters to click.
          Video links work just by copying the video link, then pasting in the comments. A watch box will come up.

    1. How about that Mary!

      Outlines WHAT the crimes were, states she would be in jail (if he was President), and then???,…..


      And this didn’t even begin to address the DECADES of crimes and murders the Clinton’s are known to have committed!

      As Henry would say,… we would make a banana republic blush (with jealousy)!

      JD – Excuse me while I go vomit a little……

  1. I’ve been trying to make sense of the virus lie, here are some things in researching that I believe are accurate if anyone interested, open to revising. In the quest to defeat this insanity, as hopeless as it feels.

    You can see viruses moving under an electron microscope, but that’s always going to be in a tissue culture. But if you take the tissue culture away, the virus particles will be inactive. Viruses are not whole organisms and are not living. Therefore, there’s some apparently unidentified synergy between them and the living tissue which makes them active.
    Germ theory scientists claim that these viruses are the cause of sickness, and invade one’s body via airborne transmission.
    Terrain theory scientists assert that viruses (which they call exosomes), are actually the body’s response to sickness, and that these particles are like little trash bags of toxic matter, encased in protien, being ejected from the detoxing cells like little BBs shooting out and eventually being excreted out of the body. They also theorize that these exosomes also serve to communicate with other cells to commence detoxification.
    Terrain theory scientists do not claim that exosomes are airborne transmissible. They acknowledge that these dead little trash bags of toxins and RNA/DNA fragments can be detected outside the body, but they are dead. The synergy between the exosome and the tissue no longer exists.
    Germ theory scientists claim that their “virus” particles in the air are either living or in a spore form. It depends which fluffer pravda science writer or scientist the wind brings. I have seen much inconsistency in my research.
    The whole “crux of the biscuit” issue in disproving the COVID hoax relies upon proving that these little virus thingies cannot be airborne transmissible. It’s no doubt that an active tissue borne “weaponized” virus, if injected, could cause harm to the recipient. However, a question that remains for me is; is it the virus particles or the diseased tissue that harms the recipient?
    But that’s not even the question here. All we want, as investigators, is to see the purported virus particles seperated from tissue cultures. We want to see them in an active state, in a fully oxidized environment, ie in the open air. And alipathic germ theory institutional scientists cannot show this, and they know this, so their “spelling” crew of whitecoats and pravda agents conflate their virus’ virility in vivo with it’s supposed “living” state in airborne environment. Thus the ages old Lysol lie, that it kills viruses (which were never living) on contact is total BS.
    The challenge is- isolate the virus, show us the Koolaid without the water, and show your Jack and the Beanstalk viruses doing the jig, independent of tissue, moving under microscope, in the open air. Then show us how these dormant “spores” enter a human lung, then in a fully oxidized environment, penetrate the lung tissue protective layer, and then integrate themselves into a living cell. Don’t think so.
    I’m pretty confident these schiesters can’t prove these things to us.

    1. Hi Bob M,

      Thanks for that overview of the larger question of, “Are viruses actual pathogens, or simply the remnants of other DNA based structures?”

      Clearly an important distinction to understand, as the implications for the entire basis of modern or “Rockefeller Based Medicine” (poisoning us to death) hinges on this.

      In relation to “COVID-19” however, the question is wholly irrelevant, as the CDC admitted* (FROM UNPURIFIED SAMPLES!) it “found” 37 base pairs, which were entered into a computer program, that then filled in the missing 30,000 base pairs that is typical for a coronavirus.

      Since this “virus” (COVID-19) only exists as a computer model, there is no counter-part in the physical world (or least none that has been shown to actually exist), which means this “pandemic” is a complete and total fraud by definition, and a criminal one at that, regardless of the larger consideration that you posed above, although your point is obviously of tremendous importance also.

      *NOTE: For the article on this revelation, see: “Dr. Tom Cowan explores the COVID virus invented out of sheer nonsense”



      1. Appreciate the stats you present JD, do you think they have EVER isolated a virus? I’m thinking that the BS of COVID is the same as previous BS, like AIDS, SARS, which also havn’t been isolated, according to many.
        Truly, I think they have promoted virology and the “virus” all these years purposely to justify the likely fraud of “contagion” and our need to take their vaccines and pills, the virus is the crisis actor that doesn’t really exist.

  2. It is important for us all to investigate the fraud that has been perpetrated on us and share that information with any who will listen. My investigations are primarily centered on vaccines as this is one of the mechanisms whereby people are made and kept in a diseased state both physically and mentally. Even if there was a proven killer virus out there it does not alter the fact that governors, mayors, health officials, etc. have ZERO authority to mandate A N Y T H I N G to any individual. Every individual sovereign must have due process as outlined in our Supreme Law.

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