15 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – November 5, 2018

      1. Oh jim …I feel for ya…..hahaha LMAO….town in ND I left is going down to single digits for lows this week……and it’s only FALL….yup falling temps ! hahaha

  1. Anyone know how to listen to broadcast via IPhone. Can listen to the archives just fine but live shows seem to be playing with no sound. Thanks Jim

  2. @ Hal apeeno, flee, angel, jolly roger, and #1 nwo hater…..hope you are all ok….miss your posts and replies 🙂

    1. Going through a rough time but I’m still here, mary. 🙂

      I emailed your comment to #1 NWO Hatr.
      His reply:
      “# 1 has gone fishing.

      I don’t know about Hal, JR, flee… or Paul (hope he’s OK).

      1. thanks for reply Angel and yes Paul …(I knew I left someone out)…..these are trying times indeed in so many ways for so many of us …..all Trenchers are held in my thoughts and in my heart ….be well

    2. Hal was here a day or two ago. Relief.

      Hope the others feel our love, our concern. Jus’ ain’t the same without ’em.


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