10 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – November 7, 2018

  1. Henry, today you drove home what freedom is. It made me realize that there are many who do not know what real freedom is and cannot conceive of a life without a ruling structure in place. They can’t seem to entertain the idea that We-The-People can organize to make life work. I run into this all the time. Often I am dismissed for trying to explain this. How safe they feel in their enslavement. But it won’t stay safe for long.

    Thanks Henry, for the vision of what could be, should be, WILL BE!!


  2. Henry, I don’t know how computer savvy the people are that couldn’t get the broadcast up on their computer. I usually listen over the phone. Today, I went to get the broadcast up on the computer and had to go into settings to allow it to come up. I’m not real computer savvy yet I was able to get it connected, thankfully. By the way this was on the browser Vivaldi.

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