The Word From the Trenches – November 7, 2019

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23 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – November 7, 2019

    1. ‘At the ratification
      conventions, the people insisted that the Constitution be rejected unless a
      Bill of Rights was delivered.’

      1. Thanks, mary… 🙂

        Just watched all 3 Christian Bale Batman movies, but Dark Knight is the best one.

        This is what first came to mind when Henry said agents of chaos.

          1. Saw an interesting article on the Joker a while back.

            It claimed that he was ex Mossad… listed many of his traits & idiosyncrasies to make the point.

  1. I said 39 delegates signed the Bill of Rights in 1775. It was 1791 my bad. Signed in Pennsylvania.

    “Only ten amendments were ratified by the states. According to the preamble to the Bill of Rights, what is the purpose of the Bill of Rights? … are the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights that cannot be taken away by law.”

  2. Truth is like water!….great broadcast…I love history hour….thank you Henry and Laura

    the federalist and anti-federalist papers are available at top of this page

  3. Seems Henry’s mandamus is not only responding to ONE lawsuit but rather going up against the system itself, the system of the illegal courts. Not news to most Trenchers, but as I break it down for myself I see how big it is and that it is a model for all who might find themselves in a situation similar to Henry’s, even people with many assets.

    Ain’t is so, that if we are to be effective in all this we have to master the implementation of the mandamus, one item at a time, or at least have it copied and available for reference? My own challenge is summoning confidence in terms of being capable of defending myself. I’m not afraid, but concerning the mandamus, I have not yet mastered it. That will take fully knowing the material. When I know what I’m talkin’ about my confidence flies. We were trained out of being our own defense and the mandamus teaches us how. In a sense, the mandamus gives us back our power. Thank you, Henry!!


    1. ‘ My own challenge is summoning confidence in terms of being capable of defending myself. ‘ I hear ya galen

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