The Word From the Trenches – October 14, 2020

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12 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – October 14, 2020

    1. As long as they keep it within their 12-18% they can kill each other to a man and I will applaud.
      They try bringing it into the realm of we enforcing the law, and they will all go down, like the f-king traitors they are.

  1. Something I heard on today’s show shocked me. That no one has the right to make a law about abortion and what a woman does with her body. Well, abortion is not something the woman is doing to HER body, its something (killing) she’s doing to the body growing in her because of the action she took that is designed to bring that very baby into life. I hope I heard wrong. I just don’t know anymore.

    1. The Bill of Rights gives her that choice…What if child is found to be severely deformed? No chance of a normal life?

      Bill of Rights protects choice…

      BTW, that man who was involved, what he just gets left out of the enchilada? He had a choice too, let’s not forget that.

      The word woman gets thrown around alot when there is a man involved too.

      1. I thought we had the right to life not murder of a child because we don’t want it after having sex. The whole dying child and rape victim thing about abortion is a straw man argument. The fact is that the vast majority of abortions are purely because people don’t want to deal with their choices. And yes, absolutely the man in the equation has a say. Now what if he wants the baby and the woman doesn’t, does the bill of rights give her the right to kill it without his say?

        1. its an uncomplicated argument. If your a Bill of Rights man, then abortion is an absolute, just like that .45 strapped to your waist.

          Morality plays into it, but judgment will be by our people in whatever way they choose, as long as they respect the 10 articles as originally written.

          How you handle yourself while strapped with a .45 or having sex is up to you.

          Its called freedom.

    2. It is up to the people to bring forth affidavit through the common law system, and bring forth evidence against whoever caused the death, and who is accessory to it. The people are to deal with it, and not the state.

      1. Granted. Im not advocating state authority. But I’m looking at it from the perspective of someone killing another, in the case of abortion, a defenseless and I’m sure no one would disagree, innocent person (the baby). So what right does the bill of rights or anything else give anyone to kill that baby?

        1. The Bill of Rights gives no one the right to kill anyone, but if your body doesn’t belong to you, then who does it belong to?
          My point today is that the state cannot make a law that controls the private life of any American national in any way, just like EVERY case at law, it is separate and apart, and the parties who can litigate it are the mother, the father, and if it is a late term abortion and ruled a murder, then the coroner and the sheriff.
          There are too many who would accept unlawful government dictate because of a personal belief. There cannot be any government authority over we the people. The Bill of Rights is absolute and it has to be absolute, or the first exception leads to the second exception and thereon to the point that if you will accept that the corporation can have the authority to forbid abortion, then likewise it has the authority to condone it.
          How about let’s take this country back and through our civil conduct and the return of our prosperity, make this a place where no one would want to abort a child. You treat people like animals and pretty soon they start acting like animals.
          Bottom line, abortion has to be litigated as an individual case in every instance, otherwise we have made an exception to that absolute and are headed down the road to another generation to have to live through the f-king hell that ours is living through.
          No exceptions, ever.

          1. PS: If the abortion is ruled a murder by the coroner, the mother’s guilt or lack thereof, is to be judged by twelve of her peers, and that judgment is absolute. If a father wants the child and the mother does not want to go through the pregnancy, the issue will be decided by a jury of twelve of his and her peers, and judgment will be final, again no exceptions.

          2. ‘but if your body doesn’t belong to you, then who does it belong to?’ Bam, that’s it, end of story.

        2. No man has a right to kill an innocent baby regardless of anything, my friend. Yet it is the history of this flesh age. What happens to those who do such after death is out of our hands, yet the laws of our land are un-followed during life. Abortion is of Judaism as far as I know. Also, religion makes me got to fart.

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