The Word From the Trenches – October 6, 2020

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7 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – October 6, 2020

    1. These videos pound in the ground the spike of truth and cement it, but these lawyers coming out, like the ones in Pennsylvania and the ones in Michigan, are arguing statute within the administrative admiralty.
      George Bush, Jr., Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld committed genocide upon the people of Iraq.
      Hillary Clinton was busted for espionage and high treason against the united States of America.
      With the information you have obtained from the PCR test and the witnesses there in that video, as a free national, could you not convict the perpetrators one by one with utter ease?
      These lawyers are an effort to f-k our people back into a reliance as a subject of a representative of the crown. This is pulling away from our absolute right and jurisdiction to prosecute with no choice but to accept the verdicts from the administrative admiralty court, which they can overturn at will as they have established their jurisdiction over the matter and our status as the property they represent.
      Hillary isn’t going to jail. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld aren’t going to jail. And no lawyer from Germany is going to take the Rothchilds into the international court the Rothchilds own.
      We are fully informed as to the crimes that have been committed against us, but until we reestablish our jurisdictional authority to prosecute through force of arms, the communists will continue to march forward and we’ll continue to watch the white hat/black hat production.
      We either enforce the law or surrender to the subjugation, because all the truth in the world is meaningless without the people as the enforcement mechanism.
      “this suit has now entered the discovery phase”
      This would seem a good thing, but what it says to me is that the star chamber administrative admiralty has taken absolute control over the subject matter and the evil bastards who have done this evil deed are sleeping quite comfortably at night.
      Anyone who thinks any masonic lawyer, and they are all masons, will defy their oath to the lodge in favor of what is right, is an easy mark and time ticks on and none of them are going to jail, just like none of them have gone to jail. And don’t forget some of them have openly committed genocide more than once.
      Just a reminder, there is only one way we get out of this without going in a ditch and those British Accredited Registry Esquires are not it.

      1. Excellent Henry! With all these law suits occurring I keep shaking my head. There is always a middle man between us and them; GOA, NRA, attorney’s, etc.
        Nothing will get solved through these means.

      2. ‘We are fully informed as to the crimes that have been committed against us, but until we reestablish our jurisdictional authority to prosecute through force of arms, the communists will continue to march forward and we’ll continue to watch the white hat/black hat production.’
        I do not know the level of awareness in other states but based on my interactions with people here it is low. I have no faith in the unlawful corporate ‘government’. My purpose is to bring awareness to the lies and fraud perpetrated on we, the American Nationals. I am doing whatever I can to expose this current scam to others with the expectation it will shake them out of their misplaced trust in this ‘government’. That then opens the door for further inquiry. If these lawsuits help bring attention to the fraud then so be it. My efforts may prove fruitless but I will not be idle. I know what is coming. It would be advantageous for others to know as well.

        1. Nothing personal, it is just the law.
          I guess just an explanation that these foreign enemy admiralty courts have no jurisdiction over anything under our ratified law, though they are telling truths in this particular instance, you know kind of like propaganda. I could hang all three of those lawyers in a common law court in short order.
          If I’m going to teach something to somebody it is going to be the law that is going to save their lives and liberty and if they won’t accept it, it will be the law that puts their asses in the ground.

          1. Thanks, Henry. With many I run into and speak to about The Bill of Rights, what astounds me the most is that they are so invested in the societal structures of power that it’s almost impossible to get them to imagine life where power is in the hands of the people. There’s an assumed belief that gov has to be there to take care of us, protect us, assure our place on the world-stage. It’s like they can’t conceive of people-power without imagining chaos. Not just “Who will build the roads?,” but also, “Who will feed the poor?” It just shows they have no belief in themselves. So I see that as the work in promoting The Bill of Rights, and in pointing out our capabilities. Modeled from history alone – ancient societies that lived without tyranny. Yes, there was the savagery of primitive practices, but today, with The Ten Articles, that would be addressed. I have found this to be a personal challenge: getting people to think beyond controlling government. It was a threshold I once had to cross, and what a relief to get to the other side.


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