19 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – October 8, 2018

  1. Thank you Henry, great to have you back with another great broadcast.

    Henry, wouldn’t the year have been 1871 rather than 1868 that the corporate constitution was implemented?

      1. I think you are right and I might be too.
        I see the end to the Constitution for the united States of the Americas with the unlawful attachment of the unlawful and unauthorized 14th Amendment, declaring the government as the ruler and the American national as the subject.
        I believe this is the main act where they unlawfully seized authority to start writing contracts for the people in violation of the Bill of Rights.

    1. I believe the 14th Amendment was illegally attached in 1868. If you have something to correct me, lay it on me.
      You are welcome. 🙂

        1. The original founders would have been dead by then, but as the aristocrats plan ahead 100 years into the future, I can’t doubt that it was in the planning stages.

  2. Henry,
    Thank you for an amazing hour of TRUTH and answers….The BILL of RIGHTS!!!
    *If you missed today’s Word ….The Word From The Trenches…..Listen and then Listen again…..find others who will Listen and share this!!!
    Please Continue to Donate…and Thank You to all that have Donated……
    We are in the Fight for Our Lives, Family, Friends and American Nationals.
    Thank You (Henry and Laura) and Thank You Trenchers…who continue to fight!

  3. Thank you, Henry. Learned much today. That bit on Gov as third party to private contracts is stomach-turning. They want us to believe we need permission for everything. One of the biggest deceptions of all time.

    And when you talk about The 9th Article, it’s chilling, in a good sense, in that all I have to do is really know and live The 9th and therein is my guarantee of freedom. I think in the coming days and weeks The 9th is going to be dragged out of the closet and showcased in the drawing room, front and center. Thank you for opening that door.

    Celebrate The 9th!! It just could become a holiday.

    Uh-oh, t-shirt:

    On the back:

    “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    On the front:

    KNOW THE 9TH!!



    1. Yes, the U.S. CORPORATION has, through fraud and deception, unlawfully claimed the living men and women as it’s property under the unlawful and treasonous 14th Amendment. It has thereby entered into all of it’s CORPORATE FICTIONS’ contracts as “Trustee of Custody” over the dead and bankrupt Strawman entity’s estate.

      I have been informed that We The People, the Living American Nationals can, besides divesting ourselves of the myriad of fraudulant CORPORATE encumbrances, take the position as “Paramount Security Interest Holder” over the fictional Strawman estate, relegating the CORPORATION to a lesser degree of standing and thereby negating it’s fictional power over the fictional estate.
      Henry, what knowledge might you have regarding whether this undertaking is effectual or not, and do you see any benefit in doing so at this late stage in the game?

      1. I don’t believe there is any way you can diminish the fraud by incorporating yourself into it. I know people have expatriated and a few other things, but trying to correct a fraud within a fraud can only lend legitimacy to the fraud at its base.
        I’ve never heard of this. I’ve read the paperwork for expatriating and I will do neither. I am who I am. My estate was stolen through theft and fraud and I know it is only going to be worse for my children and grandchildren. At some point, those with the legitimate authority to prosecute the fraud must be eliminated.
        The enemy is pumping foreigners into this country ad nauseam. At some point, if not already, they will outnumber us and the way I see this mafia declaring itself more and more every day, I believe they may already outnumber us.
        Our only saving grace is that there are among us the roughest people on the planet, but we have to act. Sidestepping these situations, no matter what anybody says, allows them to grow in power.
        And again, no matter what anybody says, this is a no-brainer and a huge mistake. We need to get this fight going, somehow, yesterday.
        Best I can do.

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