The Word From the Trenches – September 11, 2020

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4 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – September 11, 2020

  1. Hey Henry, glad you guys made it thru the hellstorm…
    Had alot of people praying for you all there. Never underestimate the power of prayer. My comments still being moderated as you know, whats up?, been a listener and commenter here for a long time. What changed?

    1. “I was pontificating on the pain everyone is going thru in this scamdemic, all the suicides, depression divorce rate off the charts and the unwoke and barely woke still thinking we can vote the country out if this criminal quagmire… statement was- the only way to pull out of this krap sandwich is for everyone to make a red list of the wirst public officials in their region and to work the list at the appropriate time when shtf. Make the list 10 or less and keep it to your self. If evrryone did this, we would have the playing field cleared to start the country over in a proper lawful form. Thanks for letting me get this out.”

      I shitcanned this comment five days ago. I just went through my shitcan and there it was.
      However, I would have not put you in pending for this comment and your original comment disappeared, so I still do not know what you said that caused me to put you in pending.
      Comments just do not disappear unless I disappear them, so what you sent me was not the comment you made.
      This clear it up any for you?

      1. Not really. I posted here for a long time, and now all my comments are moderated. Thats ok, its ur site to do with as you choose. It seems as tho you guys are out of the danger zone for fires for the meantime. I suggest u group up there and have roving patrols 24/7to catch any antifa, blm idiots before they light any more fires me an my hoss are movin on, i appreciate the chance to share my thoughts on ur forum. Good luck to you all. Patrick.

        1. Not really what?
          I don’t know how your original comment was removed from my website. I didn’t do it. But I do know that what you said the comment read was horseshit. Quit trying to play the f-king victim here. Tell me what the comment really said and I will explain why you are in pending.
          People are already on the lookout all across Oregon for the arsonists and I understand three have been caught in the act in the last couple of days.
          As for you moseying along, get on with your get along. At the very least you have lied to me about what you said so I will dry my f-king tears and bid you farewell, Patrick.

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