12 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – September 13, 2018

      1. LOL… thanks, Angel. 🙂

        For some strange reason, every time Henry talks about the guy on the white horse (shining knight or otherwise… you know, the one that AIN’T gonna save us), Dudley Do-Right always pops into my head.

        “I’M COMING, NELL!” 🙄

  1. Thank you Henry, another truth filled broadcast.

    We ARE the minority in OUR country and this invasion and the coddling of them is getting worse. We better get off our as*ses and wipe these people out along with their masters and EVERYONE else that would see us dead and our children slaves!

    Not sure how much more we can allow and take.

  2. I was remembering a few weeks back when you mentioned not getting too riled up for health reasons. But it’s hard not to. Anyway, you are valued and needed and your well-being is important. The bastards will never quit. And believe me, I also look for ways to not get riled up. They’ve taken so much but they still want our peace of mind. I know there is such a thing as righteous anger, Henry, but today I got a little worried. Please be well.


  3. I was not able to listen to the broadcast for Thursday. After reading galen’s post I probably won’t listen to the archive either. I am angry enough for the both of us Henry. I agree with Katie’s comment that we are in the minority in this country. It is an exhausting venture to get people to open their eyes much less connect the dots to the agenda. Soon those who worship their god of mammon and CHOSE to be blind will have their heads pulled out of their a$$ and will come to see that we (the ones with warped views as was stated to me by my brother) were the trumpet blowers. I will give no quarter. Love you Henry and Laura and all TRUE patriots.

    1. We are a minority by circumstance. For there to be a true measure there would have to be an equal presentation. The resource being expended by our enemy to keep us from being heard demonstrates the reality. I believe the majority would stand with us if they could hear the truth explained in undeniable terms. Looking at the extent of the effort to suppress the truth tells me the enemy knows the truth will destroy them. We can’t judge what anyone would think, this way or that, who has only been exposed to propaganda designed to keep them docile and ignorant.
      The control over the mind that mammon displays every day in every way, says that if the mass of the people just understood the mass of the mammon that would be theirs, theirs, theirs, if they just wiped out a few thieves, hell, they would charge machine gun nests, noting it would be for the mammon with freedom, liberty, and the Bill of Rights just being an afterthought.
      Greed is an amazing thing. The Vikings crossed oceans in open boats to pillage Europe. They always looked to their gods to get them across the water, but they killed and destroyed for wealth, for greed.
      The truth is the Bill of Rights, if enforced, provides a plenty for all. It seems the only way some people can conceive individuality is through greed and the individual want to have more than the fella next to him just for sake of having more than the fella next to him. It is an amazing phenomenon that those at the top have used to manipulate people around the world, one against the other. It is how the physical impossibility of the entire population of the earth end up owing a handful at the top more than the earth is worth.
      To straighten people’s minds out we have to beat them at a game of chess, individually, one at a time. To pull them away from the truth en masse, all the enemy has to do is fling a handful of coins out over a parking lot and they will kill each other trying to get one more of the coins than the fella next to him.
      I was just reading a comment on the “new energy weapon” for the “future wars”. There has never been any need for any war. The earth is abundant in bounty for all. If evil exists, its mechanization is greed and its ultimate accomplishment is the need for so much that you cannot even recount what you have, so the larger portion becomes useless to you and the only satisfaction is that somebody else does not have it.
      We have watched this concept taken to the extreme with sickos setting on mountains of gold, watching their fellow human beings starve to death. It is torture to the logical mind and those of us cursed with decency.

      1. Henry, I used the word minority to mean that we the owners of our country, American nationals, are now outnumbered by invaders, intentionally.

      2. Certainly sums it up, Henry. And I think under that greed is deep, deep insecurity, sad little babies thinking there’s never enough, there will never be enough, worshiping the false god of scarcity.

        In these words of yours if find a workable method:

        “To straighten people’s minds out we have to beat them at a game of chess, individually, one at a time.”

        Thank you. It takes a seemingly impossible task and makes it approachable and doable. Every day, just a little bit more.


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