15 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – September 5, 2018

    1. Hi Mary, just wanted to mention I found a new outlet for the CD’s you mailed me of Henry speaking on Bill of Rights and Common Law. I gave a few to friends; the rest I leave in various places, like the library, restaurants, and other public spaces. They even slide nicely into magazines. Funny that somehow ways are shown to get the word out. I feel good about this. Thanks, Mary.



  1. What are the odds that it was a stinking jew who dreamed up the 501(c)(3) trap.

    They were behind the original corruption of true Christianity, after all.

  2. Yay… they didn’t sell out today.

    “Wherever two or three are gathered in my name…”

    Christ said NOTHING about them having to be in a building with a steeple – DID HE!

  3. Eloquent, with so much heart and patience in just laying out the factual arguments for the Bill of Rights. You are a good man Henry, thanks for a great broadcast.

    One of the reasons we love and appreciate you & Laura is your response to what you’d do if you won the lottery. Go into the homeless camps where our people have been sent by this illegal, corrupt cabal & help them. I’d go in with you.

    A heart 10 miles big is all I can say!

  4. The profanity thing is a non issue Henry, “it is what it is”, hell, we’re in a war for the rest of our lives, fighting every day out here. Profanity is part of the game, they have taken everything from us brother, profanity has its place in all of this bullshit.

    I couldn’t imagine a show without it.

    BTW, Trump cusses like nobodies business inside the White House, so do all the other commie ass wipes who lay their asses there.

  5. Henry, when you mentioned The Inquisition I remembered a writer friend of mine who told me his main focus in writing is making sure The Inquisition NEVER happens again; it was that important to him. And in the many disguises of Communism, an Inquisition seems like one of its end goals, like a slow war, only more sadistic because beyond killing it tortures and enslaves. All opposition must be eliminated.

    And thanks for helping me understand 501c3’s a little better. Beyond the money stolen from the people by the church and state partnership, I kept thinking of their buildings. Today’s mega churches are a modern-day version of the ornate Gothic cathedrals. Different architecture, but just as gaudily splashy, like Gov buildings and their domes and columns. The buildings tell who has the money: churches, governments, medicine, universities. 501c3’s build big and imposing buildings. Early intimidation tactic, attempting to dwarf us.

    The creation provided Mother Nature. That’s as close to church as I can get these days. Me thinks Love Transcends Religion.


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