The Word From the Trenches – September 9, 2021

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30 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – September 9, 2021

  1. 73 degrees, sunny and chemtrails.
    Chemtrails the last few days.
    Record high is 101 in 1904.
    I feel like sh!t, and good to go.
    Enforce the Bill of Rights!!!

    1. The constitution… Constitution, like it’s special, how many countries do not have a constitution? Lol

      The Bill of rights is the answer! It’s our privilege and DUTY to take up arms and remove this fraudulent corporate apparatus, lock and load!

  2. I just have to say this, and I honestly don’t care if it’s an “unpopular opinion”, but please, while conversation is both encouraged and welcomed on the broadcasts, please do not cut-off Henry when he is trying to answer a question. I get livid when people constantly talk over Henry and/or other participants. A little courtesy goes a long way.

      1. I thought the same, Mary. Now I think I’ll have a mid-day sip of something. Biden wore me out.

        Welcome, Veronica, it’s okay to swear. You’re among people who do it frequently.



    1. They are also right here at the Trenches. Click on Bill of Rights at the top of the page and find the papers there in a pdf

  3. How’s long and how many posts before I’m not trapped behind moderation? I’m one of you, ready to earn my place as a free sovereign American national…. Though I’ve always been told I’ve got native blood in here somewhere, never traced my family back though.

    1. Derek,
      If you knew what I deal with in keeping the communists and the fascists from getting in this comment section, you would know exactly why I hold people in moderation.
      But you did pose your question in a respectful manner and you’ve never written anything that has hinted of deception.
      You are removed from moderation and you are welcome here.

    2. Native/Norwegian decent here. Savage ass Viking. Can trace my native blood back to to my 4x grandfather who was hung in Kansas. The savage is in you brother.

  4. Am currently listening to the liar in chief speaking live. He says 80 million are still unvaccinated. Trying to show that there’s less of us than there are. Says we’re in “A pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Says we’re “dangerous” and we’re taking up hospital space, stealing from heartattack patients. He calls us “a stink minority.” Okay, back to spying.


    1. Wants “new vaccination requirements.” Says “It’s not about freedom or personal choice.” Says we have to protect others. More requirements for employers to demand employees take the jab. Named many enterprises his EO will cover. Says his patience is wearing thin. Wants the vaxxed to appeal to the unvaxxed. Says to the unvaxxed: The vax is “SAFE.” So much for the suffering and death we’re seeing.

      This is a test, don’t you think? Just to see how Americans respond. Back to spying.


    2. And Hooray!! Boosters are free!! And the “safest thing” you can do for your teens is to “get them vaccinated.” OMG!! Save the teens!!


    3. And as all these people who refuse to take the jab step away from their jobs, we know who, among others, are waiting in the wings to fill those jobs. Do you speak Pashto or Dari? Slick orchestration. Back to spying.


    4. Says a new pandemic “is coming.” Guess he’s psychic. Ends with leaning forward and whispering, “Get vaccinated.”

      For the free, nothing is really new here.


        1. Us, he don’t like us, the refusers. Can’t believe he uttered the words, “Not about freedom.” Can’t wait ’till he runs into The Valor Variant.



          1. Anonymous comment I just came across about Biden’s speech today:

            “He actually said that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated. If this is the case then he just admitted that the vaccines are worthless. He basically gave the American public the middle finger and warned them if they don’t cooperate by taking the jab soon then there will be more threats and abuse down the road for them. He screwed up bad today. He let everyone know that taking the jab has been the end game all along to all this whole Covid scheme.”


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