The World’s First Human Composting Facility Will Open in 2021

Science Alert – by Peter Dockrill

When a human being’s time is up, in Western countries we generally have two main options for our mortal remains – burial or cremation. Now, a world-first facility has been set up to offer a unique alternative ritual to traditional choices: compost.

Recompose, which is scheduled to begin operations in Seattle, Washington in 2021, bills itself as the world’s first human composting facility, offering to gently convert human remains into soil, in a process it calls “recomposition” or “natural organic reduction”. 

The company, a public benefit corporation led by founder Katrina Spade, has been in the works for years, but became a legally viable service this year when Washington passed a historic bill to become the first US state to allow human composting.

The law goes into effect in May 2020, enabling what Spade calls a “death-care revolution”, in which bodies of the deceased will transform into soil in the company’s reusable, hexagonal ‘Recomposition Vessels’.

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3 Responses to The World’s First Human Composting Facility Will Open in 2021

  1. Enemy of the State says:

    Hey, I know the perfect location
    Plenty of human compost walking around ..

  2. DL. says:

    Soylent Green? Ah, predictive programming strikes again (if of course the bodies are “composted” for human food not “soil” as they say…bwahahahah.)

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