The Zionist Serpent Lieberman Advocates for US Sponsored Terrorism in the Middle East

The industrial war complex is showing its agitation at not being allowed to invade Syria as it has become common knowledge throughout our population that any such move would invoke a response from Russia and China that would more than likely precipitate World War III.

Dual citizen, Zionist infiltrator, Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, appearing on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, attempted to make the case for further United States sponsored terrorism in Syria and Iran, saying that hundreds more will be killed in Syria and that United States’ interests in the Middle East demand that we take nothing off the table in reference to our possible responses.

Lieberman went on to say that our interests in Syria are even greater than were our interests in Libya.  We had no interests in Libya.  Our military was used there as an enforcement tool for Goldman Sachs who had swindled the Libyan people out of a pile of gold.  We cannot forget that just before we invaded Libya the international bankers were forced to flee.

The serpent insurgent Lieberman went on to say that humanity dictates that the United States intervene in Syria, as the killing of innocents by the Syrian government is unacceptable.  Of course this dual citizen evil incarnate was front and center in his support for the US invasion of Iraq, which accomplished an oil pipeline from Iraq to Israel, basically turning over control of Iraq’s oil resources to the Zionists.  Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women, and especially children were slaughtered to accommodate the Zionist pipeline.  But this was of no concern and was simply categorized as collateral damage.

I have written in the past that as soon as Israel feels it has secured Palestine from the Palestinians, it will continue its invasion and conquest of the rest of the Middle East and its resources.  And this is what we are seeing happening.  To put forth the assertion that monsters like Lieberman care about Arab life is ridiculous in the extreme.

Joseph Lieberman is the head of the committee on Homeland Security.  He has supported indefinite detention of US citizens, invasive searches of US citizens by the TSA,  wrote the expatriation for American citizens legislation, and would like to see the US population disarmed and at the mercy of the world Zionist soviet socialists.

On the other hand, he was speaking out in a loud voice saying that we should arm the Al Qaeda insurgents in Syria just like we armed the Al Qaeda insurgents in Libya.  I guess he figures that Arabs killing Arabs at a larger rate should be our goal.

It was our CIA and the Israeli Mossad, using our wealth, that went into the Middle East and agitated all of these uprisings for the sole purpose of making every government in the Middle East weaker as the Israeli government grows stronger.

Joseph Lieberman believes that the United States and its people are the servant of the Zionists in Israel.  The fact that a man with such obvious allegiance to a foreign government found his way into one of our highest seats of power bares testament to the wanton duplicity and arrogance of the Israeli government.

Joseph Lieberman is an Israeli, for the Israelis, who is helping to force the people of the United States to support Israeli genocidal policies in the Middle East.

The next time you see this man on TV turn down the sound and watch him.  He is a monster.

Lieberman went on to say that the Iranian and Syrian governments represent the aggression in the Middle East.  This is hypocrisy beyond hypocrisy as the aggression of no country in the Middle East can compare with that of Israel.  We no longer see footage coming out of Gaza, though the fact that atrocities are occurring there daily cannot be disputed.  Syria and Iran are blanketed with news coverage, while the Zionist media turns a blind eye to the genocide being committed against the Palestinians by the Israelis.

The Israelis are angry with we Americans because we have now identified them as the butchers they truly are and we now know that their only interest in Americans as people are in our potential to enforce their Zionist will on the other peoples of the world.

How bad has it gotten when communist Russia has to step forward to stop the genocide the Israelis are perpetuating in the Middle East?  We the people of the United States have to realize that the Zionist government of Israel does not represent the Jewish people of the Torah, but rather the Zionist monsters of the Kabala, who are led by the diabolical monsters called Rothschilds.

These Zionists have no problem in seeing the average Jewish citizens slaughtered to achieve a political gain.  It was indeed these same Zionists who caused the slaughter of Jews in Germany, Poland, and France during World War II.  After which they used the righteous indignation caused by the extermination to facilitate the beginning of their conquest of Palestine, and in the end, the whole Middle East.

God help all Americans to wake up to the reality of the Zionists and their diabolical intent.

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0 thoughts on “The Zionist Serpent Lieberman Advocates for US Sponsored Terrorism in the Middle East

  1. This guy should be recalled. What’s wrong with CT? Get this guy out of office, he only wants you to be his slave. He is as un-American as the planet Pluto, in fact that is where we should send him.

  2. Isn’t it something to continually hear from these Rothschild controlled zionists what is good for the United States?Ol’ tough talkin’ Joe doesn’t appear that he could fight his way out of a wet paper bag,yet it doesn’t bother him in the least to shit you into dying or killing for the masters of war.You’d better pray to the satan you worship that truth doesn’t win,zionist Joe.You that hide behind walls,You that hide behind desks,We just want you to know we can see through your masks.

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