Theater Shooting in Aurora Colorado Screams ‘False Flag’

Twelve people were killed and fifty-nine wounded at Friday morning’s midnight opening for the newest Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado by 24 year-old James Holmes, the accused gunman.  It is being reported that Holmes kicked in an emergency exit door at the theater (not bloody likely), threw in tear gas canisters and started shooting.  Afterwards, he simply laid down his weapons and surrendered.

There is every indication that Holmes is a CIA mind control subject that was simply carrying out his programming.  MK-Ultra is not a theory, it is a fact and the mind altering drugs used to assist in the effect are now being handed out for every ailment by doctors across our country like candy at a parade.  Of course the school shooting in Columbine and the American flag were brought up front and center as a part of the propaganda blitz following the shooting.

For we in the know, this operation and its purpose is blatant as Obama stands poised to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty on the 27th of this month.  The international soviet socialists who want the American people disarmed jumped on the scene to begin their attack on our 2nd Amendment immediately following the shooting.  But you know what?  This is not going to work.

When the majority of we the people were still living securely with jobs, homes, and a hope for the future, it was an easy task to pull off a shooting and start the chants for gun control.  Not now, as most of us are in survival mode and have been literally waiting for a false flag like this shooting to occur.

Our hearts go out to the victims but the cold hard truth is that with zero restriction on our 2nd Amendment, every adult in that theater would have had the absolute right to be armed and to defend themselves and their children.  Bottom line, the dead and wounded would have been far less had the 2nd Amendment been absolute in Aurora, Colorado as our founding fathers intended.

As we all have noticed, the propaganda for the false flag in Colorado is being run simultaneously with the propaganda for the false flag bus bombing in Israel, wherein a young male Caucasian, carrying a false ID for the State of Michigan is accused of blowing himself up in a terrorist attack, which was immediately blamed on Iran.

If you look at this fellow you see he was not only incarcerated at Guantanamo, but has traveled freely all over the world in spite of the fact that he had been incarcerated at Guantanamo.  You will hear no one in the mainstream addressing the question as to how he financed his escapades.  Another good thing about a suicide bomber is that you will never hear the other side of the story.  And does not the survival of the false ID bring up distant memories of the passports that survived the planes crashing into the World Trade Center, even though the black box flight recorders did not?

Friday’s attack by a lunatic in a theater in Colorado is a bad thing, but no worse than the 1993 attack by lunatics at Waco, Texas, killing seventy-four men, women, and children.

The reality is we the American people of the American race, more now than ever, need our 2nd Amendment right to own and possess our weapons, at all times and in all venues, as we cannot know from what direction the next lunatic or lunatics will strike.  And to clarify, this includes lunatics in plain clothes and those wearing uniforms.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

28 thoughts on “Theater Shooting in Aurora Colorado Screams ‘False Flag’

  1. I agree completely Henry. Why isn’t there more of this BS going on if it is not a false flag? 350 million people and only 1 incident like this? Doesn’t make any sense. CIA doesn’t recruit dummies…..

    He will probably end up in some vacation resort for punishment, and we won’t be hearing from him again. We won’t be told where this person will be held, guaranteed.

  2. Yes I have to agree with this article. As soon as I heard about it, I thought, false flag. After all the research I’ve done about the true nature of ‘the beast’, it’s hard to believe in the ‘lone nut’ theory any longer. I truly believe Hoover was one of ‘them’, but I’m still going to include this quote.

    “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists” J. Edgar Hoover

  3. My Fellow Americans,

    Innocent Americans have once again been sacrificed to further a hidden agenda.

    This agenda by the NWO DEMANDS that the slave class be disarmed, as has been done all through out history, so that that we are incapable of defending ourselves when the REAL atrocities by the government start.

    Although the details are still very sketchy and lightly detailed, there has already been sufficient information released to perform a cursory examination and draw preliminary conclusions,… lets look at this as it does effect every single American:

    1) This was a Medical Student working on his Doctorate Degree.

    2) He apparently had NO history of pyschiatric disorder, or disregard for civil behavior.

    3) He had an arsenal that most US Marines would envy.

    4) He had employed a sophisticated plan of attack that required substantial planning, expense, and time to aquire all the hardware utilized in the attack.

    5) He killed,.. and attempted to kill a large number of people that he apparently had absolutely no previous history with, or even any form of passing aquaintence with.

    6) He seemed to have no motive, no malice, or no real reason what-so-ever to engage any body of people in such a manner.

    7) His apartment was laced with booby-traps that many US Marines would have trouble attempting to design/rig.

    8) He just wasted nearly a dozen people, shot up dozens more, but calmly is “taken in custody” (?????). This alone is wholly unbelievalbe as anyone paying attention knows that cops now routinely execute someone for,.. well,… for little to reason at all! much less in an incident where it is known the shooter has already levied dead bodies all over the place.

    9) He then politely informs the police that he has booby-trapped his apartment so they don’t get hurt??? (UHhh- huh,… right,.. sure…)

    10) As a basis of personality type,.. people who in general seek careers as Care-Givers, generally NEVER seek to cause harm to others, as this in in complete contrast to theiir fundamental personality characteristics that drove them to seek being a Care-Giver to begin with! (This is exactly the opposite of people who have the Authoritative/Abuser personality complexe that typically drive those kinds of people to become Cops, FBI, CIA, Politicians, etc)

    11) As a Combat Decorated US Marine,.. it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to ever even consider conducting such an act,… and US Marines are trained to kill! How is it, this meek, reserved, no history of mental, social or developmental disorders suddenly goes and kills, maims, injures more people in a single night, than many US Marines do in their entire career??

    Let there be no shadow of doubt in anyones mind,.. there are nafarious forces at work here, such as the FBI, CIA, US Fed Gov’t, and others that have an ultimate objective,.. all leading to the disarmament of the peasant class (us..) so when can not fight back when the real atrocities begin.

    Let us all say a small prayer for the dead, the wounded,.. and even the shooter, James Holmes,.. as it is clear that he too,..was sacrificed just as much as the people he killed for someone else’s bizzare plans, and to further the justification to defang the sheeple to make slaugtering them that much easier in the near future.

    A small prayer:

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Please grant your mercy and comfort,

    To those who have just suffered from this horrible event,

    We ask that your love and guiding hand bring those souls to your care,

    And that the light of truth be shed upon why such sadness,

    Has been wrought upon so many, as the apparent designs of very few.

    JD – US Marines – Mr James Holmes killed people,… but his handlers at the FBI, CIA and other hidden agencies are responsible as well.


    Enough said. No other words to describe it. By the way, I’m still going to see the new Batman movie today. I don’t give in to tyranny or false flags.

  5. There is an existing link between the 60s Batman series and MK/ Ritual murder, possibly the most infamous- The tate/labianca murders by the manson “family”. The connection is ANOTHER ritual murder victim- Bruce Lee.
    William Dozier, 60s TV Batman producer, and Adam West (batman in the series) used to get their haircut by hollywood hair guy (to the stars) Jay Sebring. (The movie Shampoo was based on Jay, who was played by another MK figure- Warren Beatty) Jay was in love with Sharon Tate (wife of pedophile Roman Polanski) and was sacrificed with Tate and others while Roman was “filming in europe”.
    Jay Sebring and Tate were taking Martial arts lessons from Bruce Lee who was recommended by them to Batman producer Dozier for the part of Kato in The Green Hornet TV Series. This was Bruce Lees Breakout part.

  6. Really now, are we to believe this poor soul selected the very top 3 guns so sought to be banned !! Any one of them would suffice.
    Was he not ‘dressed for the occasion”? then sent back into that theater with those very guns so the ‘grabbers’ would then be able to scream out “See , an AR15, a shotgun, semiauto handguns.. ban them all” ad nauseum.

    1. Yep, I just did. It was awesome. But definitely an NWO storyline. Read my post from the “Mexico to urge Colorado to review gun control laws” article on here for my somewhat movie synopsis in relation to what’s happening with our country.

    1. Oh yea, the storyline was totally noticeable. Practically the whole theater was laughing when they showed the scene of the police running towards the criminals on the streets because they knew that there was not a chance in hell they would do that in real life. So over the top.

  7. Idk? The fact police are like “We cant say anything now” but they do! Loner, has guns(All to be banned soon) and explosive material. However im not willing to say more nwo as this very well could have been a dude who snaped. I would say for sure no nwo involvment exept for the bulk ammo purchase over net. Even if he went coco there still had to be a planing phase. Those who buy that much ammo are heavy target shootes, preppers, and those trying to gain an edge on inflation. No way this f#@ktard fit in those catagories and no way did he plan on using 6000 bullets for murder seeing as how he didnt even try to get away to be free to strike again and again and again and again etc… Im just not willing to say gov did it yet. 30 years ago if u asked a pig if mary j should be legal he would say hell no as big gov butters his bread to say that but if u ask that same q today u get opposite answer for same reason Ie now big gov wants taxed and reged thats what every pigs “Oppinion”Is to be. Basically pigs are

  8. James Holmes appeared today in court. He appeared to be drugged and unaware of his surroundings. His mouth drooped open, his eyes blinked confusedly, and he nodded off from time to time. At the end his guards literally carried him out of the courtroom. Although the police say he had “lawyered up”, implying a sinister use of his legal rights, he was actually assigned a public defender by the court. Lastly, in an unusual act, the court issued a “protective order”, usually reserved for domestic abuse cases, that in this instance has become a gag order preventing the accused from communicating with anyone; not father or mother, sister or brother, friend or lover, media or lawyer. He cannot seek the advice of legal counsel of his own choice, and he cannot publicly declare his innocence.
    We should expect a kangaroo process, not a public trial. Possibly he will be examined by government-paid psychiatrists appointed by the court with the approval of the government-paid prosecutor and the government-paid public defender. He can then be found unfit to stand trial and committed indefinitely …and incommunicado.

  9. The facts we have learned so far are:
    1. Misinformation: A FEDERAL agent, on condition of anonymity, told a member of the media just shortly after the shooting that Holmes bought a ticket, entered, and rigged the exit door for re-entry. Later the media continue to incorrectly report this as a fact discovered during the investigation. Why was a federal agent there at all? …why was he speculating and giving his own evidence? …without investigation? Other eyewitnesses reported on a video that an apparent confederate opened the door while speaking on a cell phone. [Still, the police will not consider any accomplices.]
    2. Circumstantial: The shooter entered wearing a mask, shot up the theatre, and left still wearing a mask. No witness ever saw the shooter’s face with the mask OFF. The shooter wore body armor, and no one ever saw him with it OFF. The police, arrived and just hung outside the theatre until they later found Holmes in the rear standing by his car. He was not wearing a mask, body armor, or holding a weapon. Incriminating evidence was in his car. No police ever saw him with a mask ON, and no police ever saw him with body armor ON. He became the “shooter” because he was waiting there beside a car with incriminating evidence. We are led to believe that, after months of planning, he shot up a theatre, and then went outside to UNMASK, DISROBE, DISARM, and wait for the police.
    3. Forensics: The shooter would have nitrate residue on his hands and clothing showing he had just fired a weapon. That test must be administered promptly before his hands or clothing become compromised. The police report no nitrate testing. Did later ballistics testing (quick and easy tests) show that the bullets in the theatre came from the specific rifle and pistol in the car (shotguns do not offer projectile ballistics)?
    4. Allegedly, this dangerous maniac waited for arrest, and then calmly advised the police that his apartment was a trap …or so they tell us. They then stormed the apartment with SWAT and evacuated everyone. They entered the apartment, they removed lots of “things”, they engaged in all kinds of elaborate disarming efforts, before being forced to “blow” the apartment thereby destroying any remaining evidence. The evidence is usually controlled like this: Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.
    I suggest that Holmes is a dupe. He may or may not have originally been an agent provocateur with a government false flag team. In any event, regardless of how he entered the process, he ultimately became the dupe and is now the “lone” assassin: drugged and held incommunicado.

  10. I keep posting this on websites hoping someone will contact me. I have received zero emails, but my Mexico cell phone rings all day, caller id with phone numbers from all over the US. I cannot answer them, however, because the Telmex infrastructure here in Mexico is totally hacked by US intelligence! Messages are left and then they disappear before I can listen to them. Also, (my website) is blocked at a Mexico router (likely NSA hacked). If you have trouble accessing it, just try different proxies until you get through. They really have me in a communications envelope. It’s amazing.

    Being a recovering MK Ultra victim myself I can tell that you my overwhelming sense about this tragedy is that the shooter, Holmes, is a CIA asset. He was almost certainly given trauma based mind control conditioning as a child where he grew up in San Diego California (I am from Los Angeles) He was probably managed out of the local FBI office who would have full knowledge of his whereabouts at all times, managed all of his communications (maintaining a “communications envelope”) and carefully manage the perceptions of the people in his various communities as well as family members (some of whom may also be assets). These are complex operations requiring a great many personnel and apparatus. As a reporter and member of the community I would attack this by contacting and letting victim’s family members know the truth, contact the local FBI office and ask them point blank what they know. They will deny it, but then you are at least confronting the real perpetrators. Right now, I will bet that nobody is asking the real murderers anything at all (Denver FBI). THEY SHOULD BE GRILLED and let know that they will burn for their participation in this mass murder event. The victim’s families will probably feel a great compelling desire to find out more and take further action once they are enlightened as to the location of the real perpetrators: FBI Denver Field Office! They attempted to ensnare me in a very similar operation in Abilene Texas before I began to communicate with my alters and to heal from my childhood conditioning. You can read my store at my website, BTW: my website was recently removed from the google index so nobody would find it! Anyone wishing to interview a surviving CIA mind control asset who was set up in a similar manner to Holmes is absolutely welcome to contact me. Please use the contact form on the aforementioned website, email me or call (good luck getting through!). I respond to everyone who contacts me, but am still being attacked and “managed” to a very large degree.

    1. Hi Mark: I know – and have experienced personaly – exactly what you talk about. They are sick aren`t they. I got your site on my save later list to watch and compare my experiences over the last 50 + yrs. – you see they started with me at about 6 yrs. old. I would like to know how many subjects are out there. I hope to listen to you on The WORD From the trenches today! I got to stop on this subject for now at least – to many trolls you know, sad isn`t it. P.s It reminds me ot Dr.T. Learys video – How to Control Your MInd on Drugs. I cannot believe I`m posting on this subject – I don`t want to screw myself again you know.

      1. @diggerdan. I find it difficult to relate to the people who did this to myself and others, how it is that they can justify what they do to small children and something so amazing and perfect as the human mind. You are a brave and strong person to survive, learn about it and heal from such a tragedy. I wish you luck in your healing. I think it would be a good idea to put together a site for the survivors of monarch to organize and work together. Please email me at markw (at) williamsonsoftware (dot) com so we can perhaps collaborate. I have some ideas I would like to bounce off of other survivors. As far as how many, I would venture a very rough and unqualified guess of 5-20 million in the US alone. Hope to hear back from you. 🙂

        1. @ Mark Williamson: Hey Mark, what do you know about any govt. psy-ops programs that can cause intense rage and jealousy in a person for no good reason at all? I was hit by something last week that I’m positive was caused by outside influences.

          1. Sorry so long to get back to you. I have been on an extended journey/vacation in Mexico for three months. Based on what you described, this is most likely caused by a combination of satellites and possibly GWEN. Electrical patterns matching prerecorded images can be broadcast into your head causing rage, jealously, happiness, confidence, fear, etc. It may sound impossible to some, but, incredibly, this technology exists. The people developing this were actually using me to help cook up some of the designs and concepts for these systems back in the 1990s. The large satellites appearing over many cities today are being used for this and other nefarious purposes. They carry transceivers and trackers. Some of these may actually be extremely high altitude blimps. I started a new website, to help introduce and explain this technology. Only one week old and the site is being blocked at some routers, so if you have trouble accessing it, call up google, type in “free ssl proxies” and attempt to access it through a proxy. If you have trouble or have questions, email me. Some of these satellites can also damage you biologically, although, the “feeling generators” appear to cause absolutely no damage, it just feels terrible! However, I think that they can also use x-rays to “cook” people, but that is only when you are sleeping. You should cover up when sleeping with a material with a very large attenuation coefficient to x-rays. I use 1/8th thick aluminum (I suppose lead would be more efficient). Steal is a very bad protection for me because of its magnetic properties. Somehow they are also able to drain lead acid batteries (not sure how). Want to get away move at least 500 miles away from any US boarder. Good luck and thank you for helping to get the word out!

          2. Mark, thanks for the response.
            I just recently received a report on GWEN towers and technology, an area I previously had no information on. Fortunately, I’ve had no subsequent episodes of that nature, but if it does occur again, I am now prepared to recognize it for what it is, and deal with it accordingly.

            You know the old saying……. fool me once…….


          3. Addendum to my response. If the pain becomes extremely intense, you can lay in water with your head submersed. You can achieve this by laying on your back in a bathtub. I have found that this will almost completely eliminate the pain. Somehow this blocks the pain-causing energy or fools the tracking system.

  11. @ Mark Williamson: I have two questions. I know my comments on this article weren’t necessarily related to the story itself, but that was because I posted on articles preceding this one, and I was screaming MK Ultra from the very beginning.
    First, I would like to know if you believe Holmes was the actual shooter, or just a patsy, because there has been some controversy as to whether he actually was the shooter.
    Second, do you know there is a call-in conference radio show connected with this site? Henry Shively, who manages From the Trenches, is the host, and I am sure the we would all like to hear your about your experiences. It is from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00p.m.(West Coast time). FYI

  12. @#1 NWO Hatr. (sorry this is so lengthy!) Thank you for responding to my post and asking these questions. To answer your first question, it seems very likely based on the information I have received from mainly Internet sources that Holmes is the shooter. This is my interpretation. However, he was actually part of a very large team that he would only be peripherally aware of. There would likely be many people connected with the government who would be actively participating in managing and controlling Holmes (I would bet my last dollar that the FBI office in Denver is intimately aware of this matter). From my experience, at one point in 2008, there was an undercover team of 1 or 2 individuals living out of a red semi truck parked near my home. Only the tractor portion was used as there is a sleeper in the back. As an asset like Holmes, you are given a very clear indication that you are being followed, manipulated and controlled, yet, there is very little one can do about it. They do horrible things, and when you call the local police, they will tell you that there is nothing that they can do and they can’t tell you why. My pets were murdered. Someone poured turpentine in my clothes. My gas tank was drained while I slept. In another instance my fuel system was damaged and my engine caught fire. You are defiled, humiliated and yet you keep moving hoping to get away from these people. What likely happened in Holmes’ case is his alters gave up and “did their duty” and pulled the trigger. He may have no memory of what happened because he may have been sleeping at the time. One of the tricks of using a trauma based mind control victim is that the front personality can be sleeping while another takes the body and does what his/her master tells them. If you know people who are sleep walkers, they are quite possibly under mind control. As I have been recombining I am beginning to have memories of people sticking guns in my face, being electroshocked and threatened and other memories that were only previously belonging to my alters. Alters are placed in an impossible loose-loose situation in life. They are essentially imprisoned in a body that they can only sometimes control, without the benefit of the protections that society offers to regular “citizens”. Yet, they are extorted from constantly by immoral, abusive criminals working under the guise of US federal law enforcement. Imagine living in such a situation, being tortured for years and then you will understand the pressure that they are under to commit these horrible acts. I was extremely fortunate to escape. This took more effort than you might imagine, and, is still an ongoing struggle. They have gone to great lengths to destroy my new solar panel business down here (northern Mexico), and I am going to have to move again this week and abandon my store. They absolutely monitor what I write, and I am constantly threatened. On a side note, if you watch the video of Holmes’ first court appearance you can see him “switching” constantly (switching between personalities). You can tell that he and his alters are terrified (I can practically identify them by watching the video). This tells me that his entire system was ambivalent about committing this crime. It is also quite possible that they were double crossed and told that there would be an “out” waiting after he left the theater. This is what they told my alters before I got involved and began to recombine. Finally, to answer your second question, I would love to call in to the show. I just got the number off of the site: 712-432-0900, 957464#. Unfortunately, my Skype is down to $.75. I will see what I can do.

  13. @ Mark williamson: Thank for taking the time to respond. I did quite a bit of research on MK Ultra, but that was a few years ago, and my memory is not what used to be, so I have forgotten a lot of what I learned, simply because I had moved on to investigating other aspects of the NWO. As I’m sure you are aware, there are numerous facets when it comes to their agenda, and trying to remember everything I’ve learned is virtually impossible. But again, thanks for answering my question about Holmes

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