“There are privileges associated with being an American”

15 thoughts on ““There are privileges associated with being an American”

  1. It appears they’re reading from the unlawful 14th amendment playbook.

    That doesn’t apply to real American Nationals and you’re gonna die trying to enforce your B.S., you commie scumbags.

  2. NBC FKIN HEADLINE ….’I shouldn’t have waited’: Unvaccinated TikToker urges followers to get vaccinated in last video before death

  3. (Me shuffling through legal documents)

    Hmm…let’s see…Bill of Privileges….Bill of Privileges…..

    Nope. I don’t see the Bill of Privileges anywhere. I only see The Bill Of RIGHTS!!!!

    Sorry Communist News Network, but I think you need to get a better legal team. You’re current one is really doing a shitty job.

  4. Yea, as if We the People would ever listen to this Communist Chinese bitch who sounds like she just came straight off the boat and calls herself a “doctor”. Come on, CNN. Is this the best you can do?

    Oh that’s right. Like Hollywood, you have to please and pay homage to your Chinese overlords, too. Aww…..that’s so sweet….


  5. You like Tom Cruise, how bout Charley Sheen do you go to the theatre ? do you watch CNN and what do you think when your watching the news…???….. CIA intervue for potential new spy.

  6. howard sperm. howd you like to tie a rope around his joo ass kissin neck… sick pile of garbage…Thanks hell just try to save this piledrivin piece of shits ass… He’s on the swingers list dont ya know!!

  7. As Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick said one day in his Walk & Talk video:

    “Why are any of these people still alive?”

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