There Is One Face I Want To See

All night, and again this morning, that voice in my head:

“Get inside; get in your house now!! Stay in your house!!”

Monsters marchin’ down our streets with their commander repeatedly yelling those words. They sting, like the punch of an out-of-control prison guard who’s swept away by his own power and cannot see cruel and gross injustice.

I am asking life to somehow show me that face, the face of he who screamed, spewed the words of horror:

“Get inside; get in your house now. Stay in your house”

These, followed by the tyrant’s chilling and enraging command:

“Light ’em up!!” – Code for shoot, destroy, kill!!

That voice, that non-man, that cruel oppressor, turning on his own, tromping on my liberty and the liberty of everyone else, I must see his face so I know who to fully hate and so to have the enemy well-defined in my mind. Then “Light ’em up” will take on new meaning for me.

“I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery.”
— Aeschylus

Be ready, and keep this 46 second link, so as never to forget they’re comin’ for us:

3 thoughts on “There Is One Face I Want To See

  1. and today about 10am.. the mayor of Birmingham imposed a curfew from tonight at 7pm (to 6am) with no end date stated.. just from now until further notice.. billy was chewing gum so we all gotta put our heads down.. surely to GOD O MIGHTY i am not the only one losing my shit!!! i almost want to lure.. provoke.. what have you because if we wait til they come it’ll be too late.. For Lack of Operatives….

  2. I was shocked but not surprised when I seen this last night.
    I was surprised. To find out since May 13th of this year over 900thousand Chinese troops are in North america. For investment protection measures.
    Look that shat up.
    FIP(P)A China and canada. Mexico has a similar deal. The U.S. too to some ends. The port is foreign soil. Some airport are foreign soil. F k the Kawasaki train car plant in Nebraska is a foreign investment zone. Meaning your rights look the same but can be played out differently at a moment’s notice.

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