There Ought to be a Law Against Illegal Immigration

The town of Farmers Branch, Texas will be trying to enforce a law that would ban those who have crossed our borders illegally from obtaining rental properties.   The move is designed to address overcrowding and overburdens on schools, jails, housing, and hospitals.  It would seem the good people of Farmers Branch are racists and that they have a problem with drive by shootings being perpetrated by illegal insurgents, which have, in one instance at least, resulted in the death of a two year old child.

Farmers Branch’s law was originally found unconstitutional by the 5th Circuit Court, saying it would interfere with federal authority. Now, there’s a surprise.  Once again we are looking at the Judicial Branch of government examining and declaring what are the powers of we the people.

All government power is supposed to derive from we the people.  If the government has been negligent to such an extent that the people at the grass roots literally have to lay down the law, then the government must be operating outside our consent.

We are seeing our country being bankrupted and a lot of the blame can be put directly on the illegal invasion.  When these insurgents come into our country and are awarded full social benefits – welfare, schooling, health care, and even Social Security, they are taking without having put anything in.

How can a system or so called safety net function to its purpose when it was constructed to take care of those who created it through contribution and then is turned over to third parties without consideration?

Many of us have paid into the so called safety net all our lives.  Now, through no fault of our own, we need that bank of resource that we helped build and are being denied because people from other countries, who have no right to our bank, are tapping into our accounts and this treasonous government is helping them to do so.

A single American who has paid $100,000 into the safety net over 20 years can only get $120 worth of food stamps per month.  An illegal alien with a wife and four children gets $1000 in food stamps per month plus another $1000 in welfare.

Now we have this argument in the courts over whether illegal aliens should be able to rent properties after being identified as illegals.  What about the ones going down to the welfare office?  Why are they still here?  Why have they not been deported after being identified as being illegal?

This is treason at the highest level and it is treason that it is affecting those in our population that are the most vulnerable at this point in our nation’s history.  Enough of the talk.  We not only need to step up and throw these illegal invaders out, but also arrest and prosecute the traitors within our government assisting them in their invasion.  Or am I missing something here?

8 thoughts on “There Ought to be a Law Against Illegal Immigration

  1. “We not only need to step up and throw these illegal invaders out…..

    We won’t need to once Martial Law is declared.

    They’ll scatter like cockroaches, and wish they’d never come here in the first place.

    U.N. troops WON’T be asking for green cards before they shoot, I’m thinkin’.

  2. Not only should illegals be immediately deported, the government of the country they came from should be billed for any expenses those individuals caused the American people. If the government of that country refuses to pay it, we’ll just head over to their country and take it! I am sick to death of having our government hand our country and its resources over the people of the world. This crap has to end NOW!

  3. I believe immigration law forbids aiding and abetting illeagls. This would include renting ot them. There are very stiff fines and jail time penalties for violators. The town of Farmers Branch, Texas and every other town should enforce the law.

  4. How about we just make a law to enforce our existing laws. That might work. What a joke. Anyways, that wouldn’t make any sense. I mean if they can’t enforce an existing law, then a law to enforce that law is completely redundant. What kind of people need a law to enforce an existing law? Oh I’m sorry, I’m thinking too much and therefore I am being irrational. I must have a “behavioral problem” since I go against the norms of society. I should go see a psychiatrist now because I must be on drugs or something. Can anyone actually rationally define what is “Normal” in our society today because we all know that DHS, the White House, Congress and the rest of the schmucks in government definitely can’t.

  5. The President is an illegal alien. The executive orders and many of the laws he signs are unconstitutional, and therefore illegal. The police, the armed forces, officials of the government, and corporate officers regularly commit illegal acts without penalty. And it gets worse every year. We had a chance to rally behind Ron Paul, the only guy in the race who agreed to abide by the Constitution, we didn’t support him, the GOP succeeded in eliminating him through fraud, so forget rule by law. As Chairman Mao once wrote: “power comes from the barrel of a gun”. Get used to it.

  6. The courts have the power to right all of the wrongs. Until the people take back control of their courts, nothing will change. So the question is, how do the people take back their courts and force judges to comply with their oaths of fidelity to the Constitution?

    Jail for Judges is a concept which has gained momentum for several years. This is legislation that, when enacted within any specific jurisdiction, will create a review board outside the judiciary, with the authority to review judges actions or negligence with an eye to correcting denials of due process and sanctioning or otherwise punishing judges up to and including imprisonment.

    Once the rule of law and due process of law are re-established in a single jurisdiction, i.e. any State of the Union, the process of unraveling the unconstitutional statutes, codes, regulations and facially void judgments of that State and all others may proceed. People denied due process in any other jurisdiction need only move to this State long enough to meet residency requirements in order to petition the court for vacation of a facially void judgment which originated in another jurisdiction,in other words, the case file of a judgment which demonstrates a denial of procedural due process.

    The Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution forces all other States to honor the vacation of judgment. The foregoing applies equally to the Federal Government.

    In summation, we have both a Federal and State governments with virtually unbounded power aided and abetted by a judiciary which has bestowed immunity upon itself. This game has been rigged by design. The courts have the power to right all of the wrongs. The courts are the key to take back our country.

    1. You are suggesting a band aid for a bullet wound. The people who took over our courts now control our military, they are not just going to stop their tyranny because we pass a law. That law would be ruled unconstitutional by the same Supreme Court that upheld Obamacare.
      We can quit chasing pipe dreams and realize that the enemy is raw force which can only be countered by raw force.
      I suggest you throw your pencils in the drawer and get out your gun because there is only one way we are going to take back our Judicial, our Legislative, and Executive Branches of government. Any other contention is rubbish and counter productive. No more waiting for pie in the sky – by and by.

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