There’s Another Sandy Hook Coming…



It is becoming clear that the staged school shooting in Connecticut is not going to be enough to scare the American people into voluntarily handing over their guns. What’s needed is an event of‘Shock and Awe’ proportions—a 9-11-style body blow to the collective psyche…

“I’ll pick the time and the place. No question about that.”
—Dianne Feinstein

BACK IN 2009, Mrs Feinstein seemed to have ‘something in the works’. Reading between the lines, it almost felt like she was trying to tell us something. Well, maybe not us—the clueless proles—but to the cadre of critical thinkers out there she seemed to be hinting she was waiting for the right crisis, the right timing, to present her new gun legislation.

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building

The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The three men framed for the False Flag event had shared interests in survivalism, opposed gun control, and supported the militia movement. 168 were killed, including 19 children under the age of 6.

jeffersonTHE HORROR OF SANDY HOOK, following close on the heels of theBatman shooting, is such a crisis—but it’s still not enough. Yes, the massacring of innocent children pulls at the heart-strings, but there are some pretty grizzled, diehard gun-owners out there who still need some persuading. So they need to be targeted.

The NRA or one of the many private militias needs to be directly implicated in an even more diabolical crime. Huge loss of life, obviously, but it must also be an attack on something that symbolizes ‘American values’—liberty, freedom, justice, and so on. Something that will uniteeveryone in outrage…

Like a public building, somewhere…


When the 113th Congress convenes on January 3, long-time gun control advocate Sen. Dianne Feinstein will introduce a bill, provisionally called the “2013 Feinstein Assault Weapons Legislation,”  (download pdf) to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms.1313.

8 thoughts on “There’s Another Sandy Hook Coming…

  1. Just so people know, if you watch the new Batman movie again, in the movie, they display a map out on the table and on the map it actually has the words, “Sandy Hook” on it. So please don’t tell me that was just a coincidence and not a hidden meaning of a false flag. We all know that movie was used to present a false flag, whether it would be the Olympic Stadium, martial law or now this, the “Sandy Hook” words on a map.

    If you take a look at the first Silent Hill video game which was created back before 9/11, there was a sign in the game on the wall that mentioned “9/11”.

    The elite love to show off in hidden ways through the use of entertainment media. They are sick that way.

    It just angers me that we can’t see out these hidden meanings before they happen. I mean where did Christopher Nolan come up with the “Sandy Hook” name? Why aren’t the police or people talking about that or questioning why he put it there or where it came from? I mean come on, people. Where’s DHS or the FBI interviewing Christopher Nolan on that? Is he too famous for them to talk to? If I made that movie, I’d be taken away and detained in Guantanamo, but NOOOOO…, not Christopher Nolan. He’s a famous Hollywood director. He can do no wrong. THIS SHIT MUST STOP!!!

    The elite keep getting away with all of this hidden images. We must continue to study and try and find out any more of these hidden messages. I do believe they truly wanted to do something at the Olympics, but because there was so much controversy and so much hype about something happening, I think we exposed their plan and they weren’t able to pull it off, so they backed out. But that’s just me.

  2. The more I hear Fienstein talk, the more I think she is a 2 year old in a 50 year old body. She looks at you like she has no idea what she is saying. She just speaks and it’s like nothing is running in her head like a robot. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she looks and acts just like the bad teacher in Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix. She’s condescending and talks to people in this gentle tone that makes her seem so innocent to the sheeple. There’s nothing innocent about her. She just has no brains and looks like that little girl trying to tug on the back of the older politicians shirt saying, “Please Mr. Big Brother, can you sign my bill? I know I can help you rule. I just know it. Give me a chance. Will you, please…..”. Someone needs to throw this bitch in the trash and seal the lid.

    1. Nah! We’re all getting bored (both our corrupt government and the patriots) playing these stalling games and just want to get this party started. This shit has gone on long enough. It’s time to take out the trash. The stench has become truly unbearable.

  3. She’s been called all the names in the book. With her power base, when there’s another False Flag, you can bet she’ll be the top conspirator. Americans have the DUTY & RIGHT to call for her to be tried for TREASON!

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    Traitor Feinstein is not a women,.. that’s the devil in drag!

    JD – US Marines – They can’t fool me,…. I know the devil when I see him,.. lipstick or not……

  5. Why does Crazifornia always seem to be a magnet for the worst of the worst, when it comes to so-called ‘politicians’?

    I really hate this state.

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