6 thoughts on “There’s no England now

    1. It’s the Kinks Koyote. I try to respect Muslims Galen, but in their own home. This is crazy. The good Syrians stayed to save their country.

  1. I visited England in 2002. I went to visit friends in Bow, London. I remember seeing more foreigners than English people walking around London.

  2. I love fish and chips…
    Malt vinegar chips with big chunks of cod.

    That’s about the only cuisine that I can think of from the British.

    Besides beef Wellington.

    That’s a little 2 royal 4 me.

    I suspect. ..

    They have fish and chips …with an Irish curry sauce by now.


    Can I just get some motherfkng grits with some goddammint gravy…?

    And some goddamint bbq fkng pork..?


    I’ll compromise. ..

    Can I get some mtherf#@king mandarin Mongolian beef with bbq’d corn on the cob and some goddmint ice cold watermelon and some bulgogi korean fkng chicken and potato salad and some goddamint southern comfort and coke to wash this sht down with…?

    Is that 2 much to ask for…?

    B4 eye fkng dye…?

  3. Those Libtards are in for a rude and painful awakening at the hands of their
    newfound Muslim friends, very soon.

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