These Are The 217 People Who Voted To Preserve NSA Surveillance

SHTF Plan – by Tyler Durden

Presenting the full roll call breakdown of the Amash Amendment (as described previously) to shutter the NSA’s surveillance function.  

First the Ayes, or those who voted to end the NSA’s surveillance activity. Republicans in roman, Democrats initalic, Independents underlined.


And here are the 217 for whom “protection against terrorism” is of tantamount importance. Certainly more important than the privacy of US citizens.


Finally, since the margin of passage was 12 votes, it is of note that precisely 12 representatives did not vote. The following 12:

  • Barletta
  • Beatty
  • Bustos
  • Campbell
  • Coble
  • Herrera Beutler
  • Horsford
  • McCarthy (NY)
  • Negrete McLeod
  • Pallone
  • Rokita
  • Schock

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8 thoughts on “These Are The 217 People Who Voted To Preserve NSA Surveillance

  1. Call your congressmen and inform them that your upest that they feel it’s necessary to spy on private citizens phone calls etc. I called Mr. Upton and let him know. I will also be working to have his next oppent elected. Thanks whirpool I mean Mr. Upton for crap work in DC.

      1. What’s even funnier is thinking that voting in his opponent would make one whit of difference.

        Red pill candidate?

    1. You are pretty funny calling your congressman to inform them knowledgeispower. whose bed have you been sleepin` in thinkin` that way.

  2. Im gonna vote for someone else next time. lol
    If I vote it will be with my fed debt notes and a 308!

  3. Did anyone else notice that if the 12 congressmen who didn’t vote had voted with the 205 who voted yes, the ayes would have tied the 217 nays. Coincidence?

    I also noted that my district’s liberal Democratic congressman Peter DeFazio voted yes, and the neighboring district’s conservative Republican congressman Greg Walden voted no, proving once again the fraud and distraction of political labels.

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