11 thoughts on “They ain’t hiddin’ it anymore

  1. Sic Fcks

    Fcken surrounded by sic fcks

    Not kidding when it is said ,that we live in a target rich environment

    1. What’s also sick is any bast*rd that supports this by watching. Perverted voyeurism. Most who watch are ghouls and know what they’re doin’, but some are sold on “Oh how cute!” On so many issues I’ve asked myself, “Why can’t they see?,” and it’s still a conundrum, that some can see and some can’t. I understand the bad seeing and doing anyway, but not some ordinary, usually good people, who just seem to go along. I want them as outraged as I am.


  2. Maybe Netflix should change its name to “Sodom and Gommora”….looks like in the tweet some 11 year old is into this…Yikes! Maybe some pedos will come knocking on their doors so they can “know” them….

  3. Anyone old enough to remember the WTF feeling they had when they first came across reports of parents dressing up their little girls in the fashion of JonBenet Ramsey, know that this mental disease has been going on for a very long time and It’s just getting worse. Like most perversion, its supported and promoted by the same sick people, and immoral fools who believe their Hollywood B.S.


    1. Yeah, I remember, Bob. It was one of the first signs of their weird perversion, at least one that was made public. I also remember growing up being told, “No makeup ’till you’re 16.” It’s no easy thing to watch the world being corrupted into a cruel circus, especially for children. And in the face of such adversity, we are tasked with remaining positive and determined, and with summoning the wherewithal to fight these demons. It’s a tough road right now. God bless and strengthen us all.


  4. I’d hope they lived with eyes in the back of their heads if I were someone who liked these paedophiles.

    But I am not and I’d much rather they see justice coming.

  5. What the hell wrong with their moms and dads … more and more everyday I see you just can’t fix been stupid , don’t care how hard you try it can’t be done

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