“They All Need To Be Hung — LIVE — On The Internet ! ! !”

State of the Nation

U.S. Congress Had Better Overturn the Stolen Election on January 6th

Here’s why!

If those congressman don’t undo the fake Biden win, they’ll all be in a world of hurt.

Submitted by The Pissed Off Patriot from Pascagoula
SOTN Exclusive

Listen up, Patriots!

Don’t know ’bout you but I’m pissed!  So pissed I can’t think straight!

Madder than a hornet in an old coke can!

Madder than a wet hen!

I AM TOTALLY enraged, furious, incensed, indignant, outraged, beside myself, boiling,  exasperated, flaming, fuming, hot, infuriated and offended beyond the beyond.  And, Yeah, I grabbed most of those words off the Internet so everyone gets the picture.

Really what gives?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Those M*effers stole the election with so much freakin’ fraud you can’t wrap your brain around it— %$#@&*^!@%$#@(*&*^%^!@#$#@!&^%!.

Everyone knows it.  EVERYONE ! ! !

The prez and vice prez. The Repubs and Dems.  The Supremes. Congress. The governors. State houses. Mayors and city councils everywhere.

Media knows it cuz they helped do the steal.  Socials know it—it’s on every FB and Twit page.  They got photos of the steal on Insta and vids on TikTok.

Course there’s not a pat anywhere who does’t know ’bout this steal.  So do the lefties but they’re in super denial cuz of their TDS.

Someone, help me, is there anyone in the 50 states who doesn’t know Biden stole Trump’s 80 million votes … er something like that?!

So, if we all know it, why has Congress not called for investigations all over the freakin’ place?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  …..the DEMs stole the election all over the place.

Look, I’ve been there bro—in da joint where homies know you “don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time”.  Simple as dat!

These fraudsters and thieves didn’t just do a crime, they got busted BIG EFFIN’ TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I did what they did … … … I’d be in the slammer for life—a hundred consecutive lifes.  That’s what the judge does when those smucks really wanna throw away the key.

But ya know what?  Even that crazy time don’t do justice to what the DEMs just did.

No, this little stunt is askin’ for sometin much MUCH worse!

Hey, what’s worse is if those worthless Congress people don’t do something very serious on January 6th.

If those yo-yos don’t stop the steal before day’s out, they are nuttin but cover-up artists.  They need to be locked up in the same clinker as the perps.  Shit, they don’t STOP this steal, they’re done for—ALL OF ‘EM!!!

I got buds here in Pascagoula who already got their rope.  These dudes are bad—REAL BAD!!!  You ain’t gonna steal this ballot and get away with it.  These homeboys won’t hear it.  You take this thing from Trump and you’s history. That’s them, not me talkin’, btw.  I already done the time.

But these gangstas … they don’t mess around.  They’re riled much more than me about this Congress meet-up on the 6th.

Not supposed to say it, but these pats have one-track minds between now and the January 6th—-D-Day in D.C.  If the Congress people don’t stop this steal dead in its track, these badasses are saying that:

“They All Need To Be Hung
On The Internet ! ! !”

Far as they’re concerned, there’s only 2 parties in America today—Patriots and Traitors.

And there’s only ONE way to deal with traitors.

So the way things are lookin’ from here, there’s only one way Congress will do the right thang.

JANUARY 6th — D.C. — BE THERE! ! ! 

*Don’t forget: Come locked and loaded.

State of the Nation
December 27. 2020

State of the Nation

6 thoughts on ““They All Need To Be Hung — LIVE — On The Internet ! ! !”

  1. What a Trumptard propaganda piece of shit this is! ALL of the elections have been FRAUD for DECADES! Does anyone honestly believe “voting” counts for anything?!? Trump is no one’s “savior”, he is a two-bit con-artist just like Biden! It makes absolutely no difference which useless meat-puppet they put in the Oval Office, the results are the SAME! All this crap is can be chalked up to one purpose: distraction.

    1. Agree, it’s always been fraud. I grew up in Chitcago where during election time the saying was ‘don’t forget to vote twice.’

  2. The real question is: What the hell is really going on?
    well lets see, further division, Military martial Law, more draconian laws passed, more theft. the list could be endless. Never let a good crisis go to waist.
    For me and hopefully others .. We’ll keep our eyes on the prize and take all of these POS traitors out, from local level, state, national and global. And do not stop until the job is done!!!

  3. Every damn one of them who signed on to the corporate bullshit need to hang!! Not the “left”. Not the “right”. ALL the dirty bassturds!
    Their signature is proof against the people PERIOD!
    Bunch of fking circus animals and I could give a crap where they hang just so they do!!!
    Perhaps we DO need a civil war to clean the goddamn gene pool!!!

  4. Lol.

    Welcome to the sideshow.

    Someday you may be invited to the party.

    Pull trump out of your a$$. Him and sniffing joe probably go with the same underage girls… your government is and has been usurped. Probably before your parents where born.

    Now go spout more sh!t so the feds don’t care what I say and do but follow clowns like you until they can frame you.

  5. This author forgot to include Trump along with the rest of the political scum thinking they have authority over a free people. Like I said nobody has even seen the teeth of the real Americans yet!!!

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