They are Gearing up for Something Big

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I just spoke with a close associate who has been working for the last three years at Barksdale AFB [Louisiana], on various construction projects. Likely, you will not remember that I wrote you about 6 weeks ago to ask for prayers for people in that area. This man is just a guy…a construction worker…been there all his life…salt of the earth kind of guy. In his words…”I am just a working man…doing the best I can do.”   

To let you know, I have cautioned him, and literally begged him to leave that area…but he wants to hang on for as long as he can, so that he can tell people what he is seeing, and hearing…but it may be that he is finally rattled enough to pick up stakes and get out of there now. I am praying that he gets out soon.

Tonight, he called to let me know that the security and activity at Barksdale has been stepped up in his words, “by 300%”.

I asked as many questions as I felt that I could and took notes so that I could simply use his quotes to accurately report what he has stated.

“We were working on a scheduled job in the munitions dump area…building new blast walls, when AF personnel came in and told us we had to leave right now. We asked if were being given a “work stoppage order.” They replied “Get out now.” and escorted us out. “More like they rushed us out.”

On April 1, AF Chief of Staff and a bunch of other DoD dignitaries flew in to Barksdale. Those coming on the base usually have a sidearm and maybe a rifle, but since the 1st, “dignitaries are also wearing flak jackets.”

“They are gearing up for something big.”

“They are bringing in serious junk.”

“Moving in warheads…I was working in an area where cruise missles are brought in, put together, armed, and shipped out.”

His exact words were, “They are shipping some serious s*** over there.”

(Here I tried to ascertain whether these were going on ships or planes.)

He replied that “they are going everywhere.” He also stated that “they dropped a bunch dummy bombs on some islands off the coast of North Korea”..(I just read a confirmation of that from an intelligence newsletter, and confirmed by WND an hour ago.)

I asked him if Chinese officers were still on base. He replied that he had not been working in the area in which he first saw them, for the last three weeks, but he did say this…”The Chinese and the Russians are here…let me put it this way…everybody in the UN plus a few more are in here. (US)”

He heard and directly quoted one officer referring to the testing of anti-ballistic missle defense system, “We are going to see a real test, now.” He then said that he heard “Intelligence says there will be an attack on American soil.”

He then stated that these defense missile systems were ” being shipped to several bases.”

Now he is a construction worker, and has been on the base which has contracted the company he works for, with over 40 different jobs. He said that in those three years, he has never seen it this way. His overwhelming impression is that our forces are mostly scattered, a huge number of foreign military personnel are in the US, many foreign officers have been at Barksdale for about 6 weeks that he knows of, and that “anything can happen,” and “it looks like it will happen real quick.”

I’ll translate that last statement in case you don’t speak “Southern”…

What he meant by that is that whatever is actually going on, North Korea notwithstanding, something is about to happen, it is about to happen soon, and there is no way we will ever be able to know the truth about it, who did what, when, where and why, but that whatever it is, we are sitting ducks for anything.”

He said, “You know, when I was in school, there was always somebody pushing for a fight, trying to start a fight, or get a fight stirred up. That is what this reminds me of…when I was in school…and somebody always wanted to see a fight.”

He then asked for prayers. So I am asking you to join in prayers for him…for all of them…

Apr 5, 2013

8 thoughts on “They are Gearing up for Something Big

  1. Perhaps they are going to set off the nuke that Dick Cheney stole off the B52 a few years back.. Everyone associated with the “broken arrow” seems to have
    died under mysterious circumstances. These f#@king bankers are going to
    set the world on fire to save private central banking..

    1. Yep but the nuke stolen contained enough material for 10 7 KT nukes. So I guess they could hit 10 US cities with a good enough punch to achieve martial law.

      Sometimes I dream about an honest government but it is only a dream. The reality is the monster government we have. Please understand 99.99% of government workers are honest people; however they are worker bees.

      1. 99.99% of government workers are honest people? Bullshit. Stinky, steamy, bullshit.
        The Judicial Branch of this government is 110% corrupt and the lawyers who run it, and everyone working for them, know they are committing sedition.
        The Executive and Legislative Branches are corrupt from the meter maid to the president.
        99.99% my ass.
        Stupidity used to be an excuse, but no longer. All those working for the government and inflicting any measure of the false authority upon we American nationals are traitors and they are going to answer for what they have done through our law.
        I take it, Lou, you must work for the government. Better consider whether that 30 pieces of silver is worth it or not.

        1. Henry Shivley—–You are spot on with the Government. Who knows if this guys observations are correct about the build up but the military is trained to overreact than underact. Unfortunately for many Americans the light bulb hasn’t gone off how corrupt the U.S. Government, Politicians, Legal system and the Military actually has become. Its amazing how many Americans still eat up the governments rhetoric that due process and the constitution still exists. Congress and Senate ignored problems in all Federal Agencies for decades to include the legislative branch. Every federal agency is now operating like independent mafias knowing Congress doesn’t care allowing agencies carte blanche to run wild for decades. It’s now a free for all in every federal agency to experiment and expand their abuses and corruption. The genie is out of the bottle, congress failed to exercise its control over federal agencies and can’t put the genie back in the bottle. A corrupt culture is now the new normal infiltrating all levels of government and will continue to get worse. Its a shame Americans continue to accept this corrupt culture amassing in Government to third world level status. Every Government worker at all levels would prostitute their mothers and children covering up corruption just to keep their government jobs.

  2. My Fellow Patriots:

    Its from Steve Quayle for God’s sakes!

    I haven’t seen a single thing this guy has offered up,.. pan out,.. except when he was hyping what was ALREADY out there, and known.

    I beginning to believe the fgollowing equation: Steve Quayle = Alex Jones

    JD – US Marines

  3. That makes no sence i have been working in shreveport and bossier for a few weeks and its same traffic everyday of civilans and airforce

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