9 thoughts on “They are Prepared , Ready & Growing

  1. He points out strategy which is helpful. I’m wondering if he’s a Q follower due to his statement of when the arrests begin & all Trump needs to do is send one emergency message as if Trump is going to signal when the official “war” is on.

    He’s on point with the illegals for sure.

    1. jootube comment section is full of q and chump suckers, cheering on the military for when they’re gonna get a signal from him, leap into action and save the day. Special kind of stupid.

      1. Without having read YT comments it was obvious to me he’s a Q man & Trump supporter.

        What’s it take for these devotees. Sheesh!

  2. “I’m hopin’ it never gets to that point.”

    He HAS to know that’s a false hope.

    INEVITABLE… no other way.

  3. He is still blind and he still think trumps is on his side. Anyone who is still talking about left right Trumps saving the day is still blind and brainwashed He has not name the jews and still naming Demos and Republicans, Left -right divide is strong with him. The zionist jews run this nation and thats who trumps works for point blank.

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