THEY LUST FOR WAR: 42 GOP Senators Including Mitch McConnell Call on Joe Biden to Send MiGs to Ukraine to Bomb Russians

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

The Biden Administration launched a historic economic war against Russia.
They are very proud of this.

Idiot Joe Biden bragged on Friday about blowing up the Russian stock market and economy.

And now 42 Republican Senators want to bail Joe Biden out. 42 GOP Senators called on Joe Biden to send MiGs to Ukraine to bomb the hell out of Russians.


They have a thirst for war. They lust for World War III.

Do they really believe Russia will apologize and go home?

NBC News reported:

More than 40 Senate Republicans are calling on the Biden administration to assist in the transfer of Soviet-era aircraft to Ukraine so it can defend itself against Russian forces.

“So far, Russian forces have been stymied by stiff Ukrainian resistance, and we must redouble our efforts to prevent a brutal and unlawful takeover of Ukraine. We urge your administration to work with Poland and our NATO allies to expedite the transfer of urgently-needed airpower, air defense systems and other combat and support capabilities from the United States, NATO allies, and other European partners to Ukraine,” the senators wrote in a letter to President Joe Biden on Thursday.

The letter, signed by 42 Republicans including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, came after U.S. officials rejected a proposal from Poland to transfer its Soviet-era MiG fighter jets to Ukraine through a U.S. military base in Germany.

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3 thoughts on “THEY LUST FOR WAR: 42 GOP Senators Including Mitch McConnell Call on Joe Biden to Send MiGs to Ukraine to Bomb Russians

  1. WAR IS THE ANSWER!!! Its going on right now… We will have to fight!!!! BOR’s!! There won’t be a peaceful solution, They have already proven that we cannot coexist!!! They think we cannot stop them. so they opened up our borders!!! WE WILL PROVE THEM WRONG!!!! CAN’T WAIT… TO SEE THIS HAPPEN… HANGINGS FOR TREASON UNDER THE COMMON LAW OF WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!! THEY IS THE CORPORATE US GOV.COM AND THEY ARE REALIZING THAT THEY FCKD UP!!!! BE READY!!!!

  2. 1. A war with Russia will end in attrition which is what the bastards want in order to implement their depopulation agenda.

    2. I’m still waiting for that massive cyber attack or EMP from Russia that’ll wipe the whole world clean. You know, the kind of thing that will create another Pearl Harbor and lead us into war when we don’t want too.

    It’s history repeating itself.

    Think about it, in 1941, you had the entire Japanese Armada going missing in the Pacific and we knew they were going to attack but pretended to do nothing because FDR wanted us to get attacked in order to get the people to change their minds and join the war.

    Right now, (over 80 years later) we have a Russian ship (known for messing up undersea Internet cables) going missing and Putin calling for all Russian websites to have a .ru domain by 3/11 (Aka yesterday). So based on all of this, they are using the exact same playbook that they did in 1941.

    Now we are just waiting a week for them to attack us and get us so angry that we will want to fight Russia and blame everything on them and thus, once again, fighting a war for the elites like they wanted.

    Well, I say, “F$CK THEM!!!”

    The only ones I’ll fight to take down are George Soros, Klaus Schwab and his evil scientific advisor along with the rest of the elites. I fight the ROOT of the problem, NOT the symptom of it!

    And more importantly, I fight NOT for the Beast, but for God and The Bill of Rights!

  3. Confusilated say: NC hit nail on head, now must hit traitors on head (or shot, hung, dismembered, ect.) Time for us meek to rise and take what is rightfully yours, mine, and OURS. Ahsholes.

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