They May Want to Take a Step Back and Reevaluate: Israel Is Arming Neo-Nazi Group in Ukraine

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Here’s a real head-scratcher.
Israel is arming the Azov neo-Nazi group in Eastern Ukraine.

Apparently, the same people who accused every Trump supporter of being a Nazi suddenly are silent when an actual Nazi group is open and active in Eastern Ukraine.

Israel is arming the neo-Nazi Azov group in Ukraine.
Electronic Infifada reported:

Israeli arms are being sent to a heavily armed neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine, The Electronic Intifada has learned.

Azov Battalion online propaganda shows Israeli-licensed Tavor rifles in the fascist group’s hands, while Israeli human rights activists have protested arms sales to Ukraine on the basis that weapons might end up with anti-Semitic militias.

In a letter “about licenses for Ukraine” obtained by The Electronic Intifada, the Israeli defense ministry’s arms export agency says they are “careful to grant licenses” to arms exporters “in full coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government entities.”

The 26 June letter was sent in reply to Israeli lawyer Eitay Mack who had written a detailed request demanding Israel end all military aid to the country.

Azov’s official status in the Ukrainian armed forces means it cannot be verified that “Israeli weapons and training” are not being used “by anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi soldiers,” Mack and 35 other human rights activists wrote.

They had written that Ukrainian armed forces use rifles made in Israel “and are trained by Israelis,” according to reports in the country.

The head of the Israeli arms export agency declined to deny the reports, or to even discuss cancellation of the weapons licenses, citing “security” concerns.

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5 thoughts on “They May Want to Take a Step Back and Reevaluate: Israel Is Arming Neo-Nazi Group in Ukraine

  1. A step back, eh? I’d say a mile back, considering the fact that they are arming Nazis, (neo or not) will add juice to the flavor of the so-called Holocaust being what so many now believe, a HOAX! For why would Jews arm those who descend literally and figuratively from those who supposedly “holocausted” them? Now that’s a HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…………. And they say Jews are smart?

    1. Yep. They’re exposing themselves for those who even REMOTELY questioned the ridiculous and incredulous claims from this den of vipers. Raising questions that beg to be answered is not a wise tactic to employ when it only points the finger at yourself is brazen but consider the source.

  2. Them Israelis aren’t real bright, are they?

    What’s next? Orchestrating a second Holohoax since the first one is running dry? Maybe find and finance another kind of Hitler in Ukraine as a controlled opposition puppet to Putin like they did with Hitler against Stalin in WWII?

    Is history repeating itself, yet again?

  3. If Israhell can afford to produce and export arms why is the US sending them $billions every month? Been going on for decades, hey Putin send one their way- problem solved.

  4. Ok boys
    When America and Russia start to tussling, we go and erase those damn Zionist scumbags once and for all.

    Play ball!

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