4 thoughts on “THEY put HIV protein in COVID jab, now THEY’re planning “vaccine” to stop you getting AIDS

  1. First off, FK Prince Harry and Fk Madonna. Filthy rich traitors to freedom!!

    Now, about this new threat… They’ll use it for the next MANDATORY b.s.:

    “…where public health will be prioritized above individual rights.”

    Funny but, MY ears hear:

    “…where The Bill of Rights will be prioritized above TYRANNY!!”


  2. As always, Big Pharma creates a disease and then takes in billions getting you to take something that can possibly cure the symptom but not the disease itself. Disgusting.

  3. Contagion is a myth. Outside of the Trenches it is really hard to find others who know this to be true. Covid doesn’t exist. Contagion is a myth. Try saying those 2 sentences fast, 10 times! It’s a little bit of a tongue twister.

    1. Oh l love horse sh!t! Ok, so the fraud of HIV has been around since, what ’85, ’86? Tell me how in all that time they have never developed a “vaccine” to HIV? Because the whole HIV=AIDS narrative was a fraud from day one. HIV never caused AIDS, watch the documentary that was posted a couple weeks ago. Lifestyle, toxic street drugs, malnutrition and you guessed, intervening pharmaceutical medication, especially intervening pharmaceutical medications are what were the real causes of AIDS. So this is bullsh!t. Another vaccine, really? You gonna go get one, hell you can have mine while you at it! This is nothing more than a cover for the massive wave of deaths caused by premeditated murder through ignorant compliance and poisonous injections. So instead of calling it VAIDS (vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) they will drag out from the annals of history, AIDS caused by the old standby, HIV.

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