They Want to Kill Six Billion of Us – Here’s How They’ll Do It

Jul 17, 2020
International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains that the people planning to rule the world want to reduce the global population to 500 million. And he then explains how’ll they’ll kill the six billion of us they want to eliminate. For more unbiased information, please visit The transcripts of the videos that YouTube banned are also on the website.

12 thoughts on “They Want to Kill Six Billion of Us – Here’s How They’ll Do It

  1. I only have the freezer that comes with the fridge as I anticipate power outages. I buy ready to eat food for the most part. I have a wood stove I can boil water on to cook rice, pasta, etc. Everyone can build a rocket stove to cook on…doesn’t take much in the way of fuel. Save the twigs that fall from the trees. Start sprouting….can do it in your kitchen…don’t need soil and they will provide vitamins and enzymes, this is live food. I hate to say this but realize your beloved pets may need to be sacrificed. I always feed birds and squirrels in the winter as they will be a food source. Years ago I
    changed my eating habits. I am fine with one meal per day now. Very important to stock up on oils–we need those good fats.

    1. Hi Mary In ND Again,

      ” I hate to say this but realize your beloved pets may need to be sacrificed.”

      Hahahaha!,… WHOA!!! You are one tough cookie!

      Anyway, sounds like you take these Mad-max type scenarios quite seriously, which you should, I know, I certainly do, and I take information/materials/equipment gathering to a pretty extreme level, but it’s not just about my survival and comfort, I have to think in terms of long term survival for 5 of us, and that requires a different mindset of prepping.

      What I did not know was, that this guy happen to be the very one that was posted in a previous article on our site, “Mask Wearers are Collaborators Who Could Destroy Us All” posted July 17, 2020.

      Katie made comments on the fact he is a self-publicized cross-dresser (based in the UK).

      I never heard of this guy until I accidentally came across his video while looking up something else on Youtube (I hadn’t browsed some of the backstories on our site, which includes his other video I mentioned right above, so didn’t know about Katie’s comments until this morning).

      I will say that I agree with Katie on this guy, by his own admissions, he is compromised in every way that is important, and compromised people like that will invariably seek to infuse their compromised agenda into their presentations.

      I personally did not find ANYTHING he states in the above video as insightful or new, and unless he is willing to give details such as names, events and other kinds of what I would call “court admissible” particulars that could be used to put these henchmen into prison (or the noose for Treason), people like this should largely not be given any public platform because in the end,… they are compromised in the worst ways.

      Just my thought on this…

      JD – US Marine Fighting Cross Dressing!

      1. I don’t give a rat’s arse about him. I have been preparing for 11 years. I gave everything away when I moved here to ND so I had to start all over. I pretty much jumped in my car with my two cats and got out of Crook County Ill Annoy. He didn’t state anything I don’t already know, I just found it an opportune spot to comment here 🙂 One tough cookie? Try biotch LOL. People must think about all possibilities …it is the way to get your mind right. I have read about the Bolsheviks, I know of their atrocities. I know people who get anxious when I speak of these things. They will not make it through this. I am purchasing items every time I go shopping, a few items at a time so as not to stand out. I do not know how many I will need to shelter. I am hoping some family will get out of Illinois and come here but that is looking like it will not happen as they are trumptards 🙁

      2. “people like this should largely not be given any public platform because in the end,… they are compromised in the worst ways.“:JD

        Couldn’t agree more

        Good intel Katie

  2. I don’t see any signs of food price instability- I went to buy beef that’s usually $5.99 lb. and it was on sale for $8.99 lb.!

    1. Hi Bob M,

      Yeah,.. I don’t see the problem either…. according to Common-Core Math, $8.99/lb is LOWER than $5.99/lb,… if you FEEL good about it!

      Guess your just not FEEELLLLIINGGG good about it!

      According to Common-Core and govt statistics, ALL food prices are going down! (meaning,… up!)

      JD – Come people, get with the program!,… you’ll LOVE communism if you just click your heels together and say,…. “I believe!”,…”I believe!”……

      1. Before my children’s commie-core education kicked in, we mocked doublespeak together. Sales pitches meant to coax people into entering lousy bargains like “it’s twice as less” and “half as more” made us laugh because they found it ridiculous people were deceived by such foolishness. They have become the fools they ridiculed and still don’t know it since their “education” had been completed.

        1. Very sad story, Martist, and I know it is not unique to you. Not easy to sometimes see the paths our children choose. One can only hope there’s a foundation there they will return to. Some seeds take a long time to sprout.


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