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  1. I appreciate her speaking her truth. I wish that so many more had at least tried the medical exemption route, as opposed to just ‘going with the jab’.
    This is going horribly, and it’s continuing to be some weird freaky stuff,

  2. “…they got covid lightly…”

    No they fkn didn’t get “covid” lightly! They got a fkn cold or a sniffle. NEWSFLASH: If something has never been isolated it’s because it doesn’t exist! Therefore you can’t even “catch it lightly” let alone any other way! F*ck ALL this BS! I’m so sick to the teeth of it. Take the leap lady, stop skirting around the edges & just f*cking dive in head first for f*ck’s sake!!!

    (Sorry for all the f-bombs but that’s literally how I’m talking out loud right now! I don’t apologize for sounding harsh on this lady though. She made her bed & now she’s lying in it. If she just did a little bit of homework & took that leap towards the truth instead of beating around the bush I might’ve cut her some slack. I’ll bet anything she still believes all those people who died WITH “covid” actually died OF “covid”…)

    1. I don’t feel bad for these people at all, they went along with the tyranny when this all started and now they are seeing their true enemy. These are the people who stuck their arm out without protest and set a precedence for the medical dictatorship to punish descent. It’s unfortunate to see the dire lengths thing’s must delve into for people to realize the diabolical elite’s intent but at least they’ll be one step closer to becoming a patriot of freedom and liberty and I would happily embrace anyone who is willing to fight for that Bill of Rights.

        1. Did these people show compassion when they sat in silence as their colleagues were being threatened with termination?
          Did these people show compassion when their colleagues rights were being violated prima facie?
          Did these people show compassion when the world around them was screaming about the peril surrounding the death shot?
          I understand why you might be compassionate of these people’s plight but they wouldn’t know compassion or intelligence if it was
          right in front of them. You put the truth in someone’s face and they turn away because they are scared to look stupid or
          because they understand that if what you preach is merited, then it threatens their bubble. Lies are happiness.
          Preaching truth is a brutal, lonely road where you are ousted from personal relations, are economically suffocated, are made civilly dead,
          all because you refuse to be a pretender. Compassion is not what’s gonna pull us out of this black sea of ignorance and cowardice. Some
          people are too stupid to breath the same air as me and that’s just something you’ll have to accept, but it’s the arrogance that makes
          the oppression all the more intolerable. It’s gotten to the point to where it’s unbearable to talk with someone about anything cause they
          perpetuate one lie if not the other, its always gotta be, “I got the covid”, “democrats are to blame”, “of course the state can do that”,
          “capitalism rocks”, “god wants this”, “just go vote”. UNFORGIVABLE!

          1. Agreed on everything Adrian. Exactly where I’m at/have been for some time with all these people! Compassion, just like respect, love & trust should NOT be given out blindly like lollipops to strangers – it’s only for people who EARN it!!! Hence below I commented that my use of it is only ever occasional. Today it’s obvious that constant public displays of apparent compassion on social media, etc is yet more sheeple virtue signalling which I find totally abhorrent, pathetic & a betrayal to who us REAL people really are. Our compassion has been used against us for centuries by creatures who most certainly do not have an ounce of it in their vile bodies. It’s time to become A LOT MORE discerning if this age-old war is actually to be won!

  3. This morning alone, I must have come across a dozen stories on jab-regret and jab-warning. Even though we know the people made stupid choices, I think it’s important to keep reporting them, but with every one, to add (as Ally mentioned) that Covid 19 doesn’t exist/has never been isolated. Both points need to keep being driven home, the first, because it could help when they start, with a vengeance, coming after those who refused the jab. We’re already being called spreaders and “the biggest threat to world health.” I read that somewhere. The blame is burgeoning.

    Well, the more they keep coming after us the sooner the fight. Like so many have already said, “Let’s get it over with.” Makes me think of the last 25 or 30 years of my life and how much of it has been invested in fighting evil. I bet many here can say the same. And Henry spending time as a political prisoner. That’s high theft, theft of one’s freedom, one’s precious time. They’ve taken too damn much!!!


    1. Agreed galen 🙂

      I need to get just a little more off my chest. I have immediate family who stuck their arms out to keep jobs, etc so I fully understand the dilemma. My personal position with them right from the start is that they made one of the biggest mistakes of their lives but it was their choice & they have to live or die with it. They don’t get any sympathy from me because I’ve been trying to help inform them for decades but they are family so I’ll handle it diplomatically (or not as each case dictates). I just have a real problem with WEAKNESS in all its forms. What I’m seeing all around me is basically weak people who are not able to separate themselves from EVERYTHING their so-called “leaders” load them up with, including their words like “covid” & everything else. They just don’t seem to be able to truly think independently. I know they don’t understand how it all really works so they’re constantly reacting from a place of almost complete ignorance while all along believing they are all “normal” like every other mask-wearing “normal” person they see BUT my patience is all worn out these days. I have no time for all these “vaccine”-damaged people who can’t take that extra step & admit they were completely duped from day 1 by creatures who don’t give a sh*t whether they live or die. These people are far too weak to confront the truth that their PERCEPTION of reality is actually all a big fat LIE created for them by control freaks. THAT is far too big for them to bite off & chew on. Again, I get that that’s a big step to take for people who’ve lived all their lives in that protective little bubble but it’s too late now to be a pussy.

      If these people want to learn EVERYTHING fast because they were “vaccine”-damaged or had a sudden life-changing epiphany another way then fine – let them get their sh*t together, get their minds straight & start fighting back from their position. They might even physically join ranks some day. However, I’m well over all of this half-a$$ed cr@p in all forms of media, especially “social” media BS. I’m also naturally very suspicious of every person I see on social media like this lady saying she worked in health care, got “vaccine”-damaged, “knows” now that those who refused were right BUT BUT BUT…… “covid” is real. Sorry (not really) but if you’re even a real person F*CK OFF & come back when you’ve put the WHOLE BIG PICTURE together instead of holding one little jigsaw piece & believing you’ve discovered the TRUTH! If I meet someone who’s done that IRL I might just pat them on the back & say “welcome” but I ain’t wasting another breath on all those lazy, weak pr1cks out there who just “don’t want to rock the boat”. In fact, throwing them overboard to lighten the load so the boat moves faster sounds like a much better proposition at this stage! They’re basically traitors anyway if you ponder it for a second. That’s where I’m at right now, sorry (genuinely this time!) if that offends any regulars here.

      1. Don’t be sorry, many people don’t have empathy. This is a target on every “vaccine “ had from birth. Keep your immune system up to par, best people can do. Love to all people being subjected to this evil. Prayers

      2. Ally, beyond what any of our opinions are about who complied with what, I’m just glad the stories of damage are getting out there, whether they solicit sympathy or not. Each decides his or her own response. I have family members just like you who did the same damn thing. In fact, my husband and I are the only ones in our whole extended family who did not take the jab. I’m watching so much demise, even lost a couple of friends. Like you, I tried to warn but have now had to conclude that they just can’t hear me. I do agree about who’s serving the enemy, whether knowingly or not. That is a most bitter pill to swallow. I hold on to some meaningful relationships, friends and family, but most are hanging by a thread. Some is, as you say, “weakness,” but much is extreme mind-control. And yes, like you, I’ve had to lighten the load and throw a few “overboard.”

        This quote comes to mind, but I don’t know who said it:

        “If your friends don’t respect you for your convictions, are they really your friends?”

        I see we’re all individuals. I even understand the perspective of compassion. And nothing applies across the board. One case might evoke something different than the next. Thinking of one more quote. This is from Eldridge Cleaver:

        “Too much agreement kills a chat.”

        I’ve always thought that great minds are destined to argue. In fact we should welcome it. It stretches us.

        Always comes back to our Bill of Rights. Freedom of speech encompasses freedom of thought and freedom of opinion. So much will be solved when our law is again honored. In the mean time, and in addition to readying for the fight I’m focusing on getting the word out there that it’s the jab and not the fake ‘virus’ that’s causing all the suffering. I certainly appreciate all the doctors and others who are driving this point home.


        1. Thank you both for your follow-up comments. It’s really great to see all the varying opinions & perspectives from like-minded people! I definitely appreciate intelligent discussion & input from others that helps me evaluate my own position from time to time. Keeps me in check, helps me to stay balanced & yes, reminds me that I am indeed also occasionally a compassionate human being when I need to be! 😉 Cheers!!!

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