8 thoughts on “THEY WILL NEVER WAKE UP! So F-k Em Then

  1. Thanks much, Deon. Getting easier and easier to identify the enemy. There can’t be any grater honor than having the back of those who are fighting for freedom. Real, Bill of Rights Freedom.


  2. Great video & one that I’ll be sending to all my “vaccinated” family members & so-called “friends”!

  3. The video portrays the ignorant as the many and the rational as the few.
    This is bullshit.
    I will not run away from these people.
    I will not sidestep and walk around them.
    I will go right f-king through them.
    Again, this video skews the numbers intentionally to try to make us feel like the few, you know, the fringe, as the propagandists have always done.
    I do not fear a minority who have already killed themselves and I will confront and mock them at every opportunity, if they don’t like it, they can f-king do something about it.
    Though I do agree with Deon, trying to talk sense to a cowardly moron is a waste of your breath and energy you could be using to bitch slap them the f-k out of your way.

    1. Yup
      In my place of work
      The unjabbed out number the fooled
      Out of 7 total
      And a lot of my clients weren’t fooled either

      And one of the 2 is starting to talk like they see the mistake they made

    2. Yeah good call on the numbers game Henry. I was looking at it more from the point you made in your last sentence above when I commented earlier 😉

  4. Henry Some day we will play music for people again. I wiil be ready to do that. We have bigger fish to fry right now!!!! Brother Ken

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