7 thoughts on “They’re all waking up now.

    1. Oh they are out there
      I ran into one just the other day picking up an order
      Very verbal about getting fcked by both sides and how much voting is a joke
      Who’s gaming who , etc
      Sounded off very much like this video too

      Actually made my day

  1. Bam !

    American Nationals are coming together

    hey joo what’s ya gonna do, what’s ya gonna do when we come for you………

  2. If blacks and whites finally come together, the you-know-whos really won’t stand a chance. Every black friend I ever had on Long Island and NYC hated those you-know-whos and would only befriend me when they knew I wasn’t one of those, Including in college.

  3. Excellent! Don’t let them J00vide and conquer g0ys! Shake off your petty differences and unite against Jewish Imperialism. Together we stand, divided we fall.

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