They’re back: Unexplained ‘booming noises’ reported from South Carolina to California

The Extinction Protocol – by Matt J.

January 9, 2013 – CALIFORNIA – The loud explosion that jolted North Hollywood on Tuesday night remained a mystery the next morning, authorities said. An officer at the Los Angeles Police Department’s North Hollywood station said police searched the area for a half an hour Tuesday night but had no luck in determining what caused the sound. The officer said police received numerous calls about the noise. At about 9:30 p.m., numerous people began tweeting about a loud explosion. Some thought it had come from a North Hollywood Metro station; others reported hearing an explosion in Studio City. “Mysterious explosion a few minutes ago. What’s going on? #LA” tweeted @ThatVitalSpark. “Seriously, any leads what the hell this boom was in North Hollywood? Im shook up a bit” tweeted @RajRawal37. A Reddit user posed the question: “What just blew up in North Hollywood?” By 10:30 p.m., there were more than 120 comments, but no crowd-sourced answer. However, possibilities ranging from alien invasions to meteors were proposed. –LA Times

Massachusetts mystery: Salem and Marblehead police officers searched the area of Ocean Avenue early Saturday morning for evidence of what could have caused the large boom that prompted residents across the area to call 911. According to Sunday morning’s Salem police log, At 1:34 a.m., police received multiple calls regarding a “loud bang” on Ocean Avenue. They were unable to locate the source. Many of our readers in Marblehead also reported hearing the sound, which has some town residents wondering whether or not it is coming from the harbor. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about mysterious explosion noises being reported in the area late at night. Theories offered so far have included youngsters with powerful fireworks, cannons from boats in the harbor, malfunctioning electrical transformers, UFOs and the shifting of tectonic plates under the city. –Marblehead Patch

South Carolina mystery: Residents of Red Bank in Lexington County appear to have gotten a loud awakening Thursday morning as multiple reports indicate a loud booming noise in the area. WIS News 10 viewers poured onto our Facebook page this morning to report the sound. “What was the horrific boom in the Redbank area,” asked Lisa Russell Fields. “People are saying it sounded like a plane crash or explosion. I also heard the ‘big boom’ this morning. So did a lot of other people, it sounds like a close cannon or something and will shake the whole building/house,” said Jennifer Lee Stokes Kleine. “Does anyone have a concrete explanation for the loud boom that shook houses in Lexington County around the Redbank/YMCA/Old Barnwell Road area this morning around 8:30 a.m.,” said Mary Frances Henry Bell. So, what was it? The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t know either. “Law enforcement officers and public safety personnel have been unable so far to determine the source of the noise,” said Sheriff’s Department spokesman Maj. John Allard. “No explosions have been reported.” A similarly loud explosive noise happened last year in the South Congaree portion of Lexington County. Residents reported then being woken up to the boom around 8 a.m. on a Sunday. Seismographs at the University of South Carolina even measured something in the area. However, there was never a determined cause for that loud noise either. –WISTV

Salt Lake City mystery: Hundreds of people from Weber County to Utah County, and some as far north as Rock Springs, Wyoming reported that they felt shaking or heard loud booms Tuesday night around 9 p.m. The FOX 13 Newsroom received several calls from concerned citizens about the phenomena shortly after 9 p.m., but the cause remains a mystery. Representatives for the University of Utah’s Seismograph stations said there was not an earthquake, ATK said they were not conducting any rocket tests, the Utah National Guard said they were not conducting any weapons or artillery training and Hill Air Force Base said they did not have any planes in the air after 6 p.m. A map of earthquakes over the last day shows no activity in Northern Utah, or anywhere in the state. The closest quake was a relatively small 2.6 magnitude near Bishop, Calif., more than 500 miles from Salt Lake City. The equipment at the University of Utah Seismograph stations did, however, record “sonic activity” at the time people said they were hearing the booms, but the cause of the sonic activity has not been identified. There is also a theory that the heavy inversion layer may have amplified a blast on the ground or in the air, making it seem closer and louder than reality. While that is possible, it is still unclear what caused the noise. –Fox 13

See Wikipedia listing for the some of the latest incidents reportedly heard across the U.S.

16 thoughts on “They’re back: Unexplained ‘booming noises’ reported from South Carolina to California

  1. I got a feeling that when the shit hits the fan, EVERYTHING will hit the fan all at once. Including natural disasters and more booming noises. Our country is falling apart by the seams.

  2. And Joey Biden is saying, “Let’s not worry about this. It’s a bunch of Malarkey. Let’s talk about gun control.”.

    Gee….gun control over investigating the country possibly being torn apart along with booming noises to the point that we may sink in the ocean faster than Japan.

    Hmm……call me crazy, but I don’t see how difficult it is to decide which one is more important.

    But hey, what do I know. I’m just a crazy U.S. patriot who doesn’t believe in the MSM or our government anymore.

    1. I don’t want either, but given the choice, I’ll take sinking into the ocean over some Federal Soviet-style purging of men, women and children in a murderous, torturous, pedophilic Armageddon.

      1. Actually, I was referring to Biden and his so-called “moral issues”. As in why is he choosing to investigate gun control ideas, rather than our country’s booming problem?

  3. It seems like some kind of sonic occurrence to me, like a giant breaking of the sound barrier. It could be any number of things, and if it were an underground explosion I would think the seismographs would register the anomaly (if not compromised by government forces, which is also likely).

    One very interesting thing I heard today was that one of the greatest limitations of human beings is that they cannot open their minds to the existence of things they cannot see. I think we as a species live under a delusion that this planet is the universe, that everything outside our atmosphere is a static, unchanging theater, and that although we have our little productions of meteors and comets causing an apocalypse, none of us truly think anything outside of our own inter-human dealings actually exists.

    There is so much we either don’t have a clue about, don’t want to have a clue about or are not privileged to have a clue about it’s staggering. As much as we can assume that government agents or terrorists are causing booms, both of those entities may be sitting in their holes chewing their fingernails to the knobs about all of this.

    No thing has ever been proven to not exist, or not be true.

  4. You know, I REALLY FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE that NO ONE, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON knows what is going on with these booming noises NOR do ANY of the police officers have a clue as to what is going on. This makes zero sense. The only logic explanations are:

    1. The country tearing itself apart with the fault lines
    2. Men In Black are for real and are using their flashy light thingy on the policemen when they arrive to investigate and tell them lies.
    3. The police are receiving word from TPTB to keep hush hush on it all or find themselves a new job and threaten imprisonment for acknowledging even a hint that it is our government’s fault when it truly is. In other words, a massive coverup.
    4. HAARP

    Any other ideas besides the wrath of God?

    1. Underground drilling, maybe making more bunkers…

      I always wondered with the supposed increase in solar activity and the weakened magnetosphere that the earth was expanding and contracting hence the noises… Pure speculation on that one though

  5. I have to admit, of all the strange phenomena going on these days, I’m at a total loss as to any possible explanation for this one.

    It’s driving me crazy(er).

  6. Come on here now guys!!! Do Ya`ll actualy think that this govt/military would actualy admit to something like these boomers. Or to actualy start a investigation as to the source of these boomers.

  7. it’s the fault-line pulling apart.
    i said this on another post.

    you have to understand a few things.
    first, f#@ks like biden are more concerned about getting shot than drowned – they have other places to go.
    (like the bushes buying land in paragui)
    second, they dont want people to know because they would rather have you work till you die and keep the economy going until the last second than have you evacuate.
    we see the same f#@ked up attitude in japan – dont mind the rads, it’s good for you.
    smile and you will be fine – our economy is number1 priority.
    (followed by exports, millitary sales, and a stupid argument about a tiny island)

    when the fault lines do open like this one in malasia:

    or this one in argentina:

    you should throw your politicians into them.
    >> notice the dates on the links!!!! the whole damned “ring of fire” is ripping up!

  8. The hole earth’s crust is becoming unstable, the booms are followed by earthquakes a few days later! If you think that the crust wont move around it’s self then you are not paying attention to much!

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