They’re Coming for your Animals — UK confirms gassing chickens

March 10, 2021
Governments are moving rapidly to remove your right to raise animals completely. The UK has confirmed via FOIA the gassing of people’s backyard chickens around a poultry facility in Kent. Colorado’s PAUSE act will destroy their meat industry. And livestock registration is rolling out around the world. There is a war on Animal Agriculture. Yes, factory farms are abhorrent, and we must rapidly move to a decentralized, regenerative food system–but rather than support this, governments are pointing at disgusting CAFOs and saying, “We must END ALL ANIMAL AGRICULTURE.” They are precluding the solution, so that they take total control of food production. Christian breaks it down AND explains why we cannot allow this to happen.

One thought on “They’re Coming for your Animals — UK confirms gassing chickens

  1. I’m reminded of two men.
    The first one being Big Jim Heezen.
    His ahole neighbor said something about shooting his dog. Jim: “It’ll be the last dog you shoot.” And he meant it!
    RIP my friend.
    The other man be Slim Pickings in the movie 1941. “YOU AIN’T GETIN SH!T OUT OF ME!”

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