“They’re Manufacturing a Food Shortage”

Forbidden Knowledge

Farmer’s son says farmers are being forced to destroy their crops. The Federal Government is telling farmers they will pay them 1.5X the value of their produce to destroy their crops, otherwise, they will no longer subsidize them and they will destroy them economically through taxes.

They are engineering a food shortage. We have 8 months to get our food supply together. 

Forbidden Knowledge

3 thoughts on ““They’re Manufacturing a Food Shortage”

  1. Comment from someone who claims to be a REAL farmer at the link above:

    “It’s BS Im a farmer and NO farmer has gotten this notice. This is a LIE Farmers are not being paid to destroy them. what government would want their people to starve that’s not how subsidies work. What would I do? Plant more ,crop prices would skyrocket due to shortages.
    Please dont fall for this… He is just some dude sitting in a car He has no credible sources whatsoever Before you try to repudiate me again IM A FARMER I KNOW!!! BTW this has been going around for years and I’ve even seen post about it in Britain blaming the British government!!!”

    1. Real Farmer of shit, that is what you are.
      We all know that the Trumpster subsidized farmers last year to the tune of billions of dollars when the wheat crops they were growing for China were destroyed.
      We also know that the alfalfa crops are absolutely being subsidized, and are being shipped to China to feed their f-king cows.
      Oh yeah, and we also know about the plan to empty the reservoirs in California, which will destroy the crops.
      You are one arrogant mother f-ker to think you can shill for your communist brethren who do plan to f-king starve us to death. You and your kind have already forced us to war and we are going to enforce our written ratified law of December 15, 1791 and every f-king communist is going to get the f-k out of this country. The common law courts are coming back and people like you are shitting yourselves at the very idea of it. That is why I call you a shit farmer, Mr. Paid Shill.
      Now, there you are repudiated on top of repudiated, Mr. Shill.
      In short, f-k off, you think you are going to take this country from us and starve us? You are a f-king criminal and we are going to see about that.

    2. I am a farm hand, and this is what I tell the “farmer”…
      ” If folks weren’t so fking ignorant and lazy, farmers wouldn’t be necessary”
      Follow the fraud!

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