They Think You’re Stupid . . .

Published on Oct 30, 2016

What we are living is a lie, we are ruled by a parasitic cabal of Jewish Zionists who control the very narrative of our lives. If we are to free ourselves of those who control us, we indeed need to be open to the truth.

Then as now, the lie exists; the creation and now the maintenance of the Self-Proclaimed Jewish State is all consuming. It has presently caused the discord in the Middle East, including ISIS and the refugee crisis.

Now as then, war has been the Zionist’s modus operandi, from WWI to the proxy war against Syria. Always the parasitic nature of Zionism controls the Empire, then England now the United States.

Hitler no matter what you think of the man was used by the Zionists to create the very scenario that fueled Jewish emigration to the land of Palestine. These things we must come to know in order to unchain the world from the Zionist’s grip upon our souls.

14 thoughts on “They Think You’re Stupid . . .

  1. “..They Think You’re Stupid . . .”

    And since their message is aimed at the average American, they’re absolutely right. (present company excepted, of course)

    What the hell else can you say about a population that believes whatever they’re told, continually falls for the same stupid tricks, and refuses to learn anything, or accept the reality of their situation?

    It doesn’t matter. We already have more than enough people on our side to win this war, but the more people who are enlightened by the truth, the easier our struggle will be. Don’t waste your time on the idiots, or the willfully ignorant.

    1. we are surrounded by mediocrity , and stupidity ..and they thrive on it

      those of us enlightened , are hanging on the edge of our seat wondering, why its taking so long for this fuse to get lit ?..or if it ever will

    2. “And since their message is aimed at the average American, they’re absolutely right. (present company excepted, of course)”

      LOL… we would HAVE to be, JR, being that most Trenchers are far & above the AVERAGE American! 🙂


      1. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised… we rarely see any comments from authors of articles not specifically written for FTT.

  3. “This is a revolution of awareness and consciousness, we can’t go up against these guys in Washington with guns like those guys tried to do down in Burns.
    You can’t, you can’t go up against these guys with strength, with guns or violence, they will vilify you, kill you, and then vilify you some more. What have you accomplished, you’re dead”….
    Christopher Bollyn 32:32

    Great vid except for this statement.

    1. Damn skippy, Katie. !00% full-on loaded for bear is all they’ll understand from this point on and it’s the only way they’re going to stop and/or get what they DESERVE. Kumbaya is nice and all and I abhor violence for the sake of violence, but sometimes shit needs a killin’. This is self-defense and self-preservation.

      “Klagt nicht, kampft!”

  4. And then they came for artificial intelligence and we had to start all over again because we got too lazy to figure it out or do it ourselves and completely forgot reverting to jellyfish. If it’s for your safety or convenience….it can be used as a trick. Those who control it run it and easily exploit it.

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