3 thoughts on “Thinking it through…

  1. I appreciate these sentiments of course Galen,

    It’s just these slogans by “Gun Rights” groups are so far from dealing with the elephant in the room, which is,…

    They (Whoever the fk they are) ain’t got no power (Other than the threat of violence against us for failure to comply) to make any such dictate, law or otherwise that could ever possibly actually disarm us in the first place…. they can’t make us defenseless unless we let um…

    That should be the primary response to any SOB that opens their trap about what I can or cannot own, be it a gun or fkn Yoyo…..”You can’t make laws to do such a thing, so gfy”….or come try and enforce them…

    ” In Today’s News……..Their was another Mass YoYo attack…!! Local politicians took the opportunity to call for more Sensible YoYo legislation and mental health checks in order to stop this epidemic of YoYo violence… ”

    I think I’ll start making 3D printed YoYo’s, yeah, that will be my way around all these yoyo laws…. dang though, how do I make 3D printed string, ahh shit…!

    Sorry, going bonkers with all this crap…..but I think I made a point….


    1. I hear ya, Norm. I still think it’s a good thing to keep affirming why guns are a positive. There’s so much negative about them that has to countered. But, yeah, it’s so much bigger than slogans. Yet who knows? One might just catch the eye of someone and have them see a new perspective.

      God grant me the serenity…

      and the sharp eye.


      1. ps: Forgot to say thanks for the chuckle. And on that 3D printed string… perhaps a medium of wool or cotton or hemp.


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