9 thoughts on “This film should be seen by the entire world!

  1. Shocking Film……………the governments of the World need to concentrate on cleaning up the freaking mess we have made of things on this planet and spend less time trying to rule others.

    1. I do not see anything shocking at all about this. What do people expect when people do what people do. People are the pigs of the planet.
      Naw Cory, do you actually think that the govt.s of the world anywhere realy give a rip about the planet or the inhabitants here – that is almost funny – The govt.s could care less about anything except power and control.

      1. Exactly digger!! The governments make it worse with all their programs, nuclear power, haarp, Chemtrails, atomic bombs, Monsanto, and the list goes on and on. We as people should be more self sustainable just for our own good, but we are not the problem, they are.

      2. Absolutely heartbreaking!!

        I agree … people are clueless and only ask what the world can do for them. What mankind does not know is that if they don’t care for the the earth environment and the animal kingdom, which we are a part of, humans go extinct.
        . . .

        1. Amen Cathleen, we have to be responsible, I get that!! I strive for that daily, I am not perfect, but I am learning. The Earth is a regenerating machine, like compost becomes dirt, one seed produces 100’s or thousands of more seeds, the insects pollenate and help the plant world, which in turn feeds us. A continuous circle!!! We have to take care of that, but our controllers are the destroyers, they are self righteous crap that cares about nothing but power and control!!

  2. Japan, China, US and the other countries who use the ocean as a
    dumping ground better clean this mess up. The oceans belong
    to the sea creatures not the overbearing human animal. Nothing
    but slobs.

    1. Speaking of the oceans…

      The Pacific and most all that resides in the N Pacific is a done deal.
      Fukishima has destroyed the N Pacific.

      As much as I enjoy certain seafood I no longer consume anything from the N Pacific.

      Radiation is not like a bad hangover where it will pass in a day or so.

      Consider where the moister from most storms that sweep the US originates. Yeah.

  3. thanks for this posting….I viewed in the last few months, a youtube video of, or an article, of a machine that could go out on the ocean and clean up this floating mess….said it would take about five years to do it…seems I or someone else posted the article here…I don’t keep track of those I do….wonder where that idea has gone?

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