One thought on “This Genius Method Of Catching A Gopher Requires Just A Plastic Milk Jug

  1. Ha! I love it! I had moles in my yard at another location, and used to catch them in a similar fashion.

    My cat would alert me when one was near the surface. He liked to hunt and eat his prey, but for some reason he wouldn’t eat moles.

    I would stick the garden hose in the tunnel, blast it with water, and when the mole came up gasping for air, I would scoop it into a jar. I would have another dirt-filled jar ready to transfer the mole, as they don’t like the sunlight.

    One summer, I caught about ten of them this way, and relocated them under a large oak tree next to a creek…across the river from my house! The ones that got away figured out that my yard wasn’t a very “family-friendly” neighborhood, thus, the “mole-sters” weren’t a problem after that. 🙂

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