6 thoughts on “This guy sums it up perfectly

    1. Amen
      He is
      I said F it and opened mine too
      Every one of my guys was ready to get back at it
      Fk you Gretchen Whitless
      You ain’t payin my bills
      And I’d like to know who’s doing that whores hair
      Because no self important bitch with that much money does her own dye jobs
      She should have a 6” wide Grey part in her hair by now
      I was raised in a family full of women , I know what I’m looking at
      Hang her

        1. Love all the women in my life
          No question
          Got their back
          But I definitely have a pretty good handle on what’s important to most
          And especially one that thinks as highly of herself as this bitch

          I can’t even tell you what my daughter thinks of her
          I don’t think Henry would post the comment

  1. probably because every other word would look something like this ******ch, **nt..etc…


    I know you would boss
    it would probably be hard to interpret

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