7 thoughts on “This is creepy and eye opening

      1. Oh, I don’t know. I do believe I saw a picture of Donald Trump with his arm around Jeffrey Epstein at a party. You don’t reach the top of the ruling class without becoming a freak at the freaker’s ball.
        You are obviously a Trumptard, and worse yet, a corporate straw man voter.
        This country is being run unlawfully by an unlawfully created CORPORATION. (See Title 28, definition 15) All involved, from the president to the meter maid, are f-king criminals who unlawfully abide by the 14th Amendment, which names you and me as subjects to the unlawful corporation.
        There is no left, there is no right, no conservatives, no liberals, no republicans, no democrats. There is just our absolute ratified law or there is not, and right now there is not.
        It was your boy Trump who said, “Take the guns first and then we’ll do the due process later.” Now is he retarded or does he understand exactly what he said? Your knight in shining armor on his white charger also owns five trademarks in communist China. You cannot own a trademark in China unless you are an international communist.
        Biden and Trump, side by side, two steaming piles of dog shit that came out of the same asshole. Both have committed treason and sedition against we the people and our ratified absolute law called the Bill of Rights.
        Wake up and stop worshiping your oppressor because you will find no one here who is going to accept your choice for communist dictator for the corporate aristocracy that has usurped our law. And if you vote, you are casting a vote for a straw man corporation that cannot exist as it violates our law.
        Either you haven’t been reading here long and do not understand the reality of that white elephant sitting in your lap, or you are a shill. Which is it?

      2. Mr Potato Head with a different combination of pieces in fact STILL MR FUKNG POTATO HEAD

        sorry no punktuashun
        maga 5780

  1. Here is your window into EVERY politician
    Or head of state
    Not a one of them is clean
    All morally bankrupt
    Name 1 that isn’t
    Chances are you’ll be proved wrong before they die

    Criminals always flock to governments
    That’s where the most money is to steal

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