This is how dumb liberals are on guns

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Liberals did something this week that was so stupid it’s funny—funny, that is, because liberals fired a shot and it backfired on them badly. They thought they would be smart by smearing some gun rights activists in a national-level newspaper. Despite their best efforts, all they did was boost the group’s donations and membership rolls like mad. This is how out of touch with the American people liberals are on the gun issue.  

Like many conservative groups, my friends at Iowa Gun Owners (IGO) have conducted an AR-15 giveaway to raise awareness. AR-15 giveaways have been fabulously popular and successful nationwide. But they rankle liberals who can’t stand the thought of gun rights advancing and guns just being given away for free!

So these liberals tried a typical smear campaign. They went to a major national newspaper, USA Today, and ran an attack column replete with all the classic scare tactics. I mean they pulled out all the stops: “assault rifle,” “Sandy Hook,” “massacre,” “sniper shootings,” “mental health,” “harm,” “sex offenders,” “blind people,” “mental illness,” “shootings,” “Newtown,” “Adam Lanza,” “10 people dead,” “killed 20 children,” and gun control is “common sense” and “good taste.” Blah.

The column was dumb enough to name by name Iowa Gun Owners and executive director Aaron Dorr. They thought they would really shame these guys in public. But it backfired, badly. And the folks at IGO new it immediately: they were sitting back laughing in their offices the moment they saw the article.

Within hours, IGO had a response ready, and hit social media:

National news story brewing today over IGO’s giveaway of an AR-15 self-defense rifle. Anti-gun legislators like Rep. Bruce Hunter find it “appalling” and “irresponsible” that gun owners would want to own such an effective self-defense tool.

Here’s a message to Rep. Hunter and the liberal media in Iowa: Gun owners find it appalling that you want to make it harder for law abiding Iowans to defend themselves. When regular citizens like Mike Wasike from Des Moines get pulled from their car at gunpoint on their way home from work by multiple armed attackers, we’d rather he have the means to shoot the thugs instead of being severely beaten and left in a catatonic state. Why do you want to keep giving the advantage to the armed criminal?

If you haven’t signed up to win a FREE AR-15 do it today – and “rile” some Iowa gun-grabbers! —->


And now that an effective rebuttal was in place, it was time to talk. The guys at IGO publicly thanked the reporters who ran the story at the local news station. IGO thanked the reporters for helping them add legions of new members to their ranks!

The entire day, IGO could not get off the phones. New members galore, and thousands in donations in a single day. I am sure it is continuing.

The liberals are not only in outer space on the gun issue, they are in quite a pickle. State-level organizations like IGO have grown up in recent years and have been having considerable effect. Liberals want to ignore them, but they steamroll ahead. So, liberals try to attack them, but this only helps the organizations grow. Liberals lose either way. You’ve got to love that.

And look, my own state’s organization is doing the same thing: Georgia Gun Owners. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go sign up to win an AR-15.


Dr. Joel McDurmon, Ph.D. in Theology from Pretoria University, is the Director of Research for American Vision. He has authored seven books and also serves as a lecturer and regular contributor to the American Vision website. He joined American Vision’s staff in the June of 2008. Joel and his wife and four sons live in Dallas, Georgia.

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