This is Microsoft telling you how they will use the 5G grid along with the Covid19 jab to kill you


June 11, 2021

This is why it needed a magnetic delivery system. To get it into parts that were not normally penetrated by a liquid shot. Listen to what this bastard Dr. Andrew Philips is saying. It is exactly what they are going to do. They are going to turn your body against itself and kill you. They have already tested this in China. It will come here.

They talk about trial and error and research being slow. What if you could test millions at a time? You could speed it up right? You would kill and maim billions but who cares right?

These bastards are so evil that there is no good way to describe them. Look at this son of a bitch Phillips looking sideways and sneering as he tells what this can do. He knows exactly what horrible uses this can and will be used for. I hope he burns in hell.
Source: CensoredVideos1984

7 thoughts on “This is Microsoft telling you how they will use the 5G grid along with the Covid19 jab to kill you

  1. The psychopaths want us all to become automatons, living machines they can program, use, and dispose of at their will and leisure. Over the years the psychopaths have used the idiot box (TV) to program the masses, they trained children in school to submit to the ‘authorities’, and people depend on Microsoft to keep their PC’s ‘updated’. It’s always about power and control, the psychopaths crave it like heroine.

      1. Laptops, tablets, and especially smartphones have turned people into technological zombies. They are the perfect tool for corralling the masses to expedite the genocide.

  2. What is so sad we all have family that are victims and there is nothing we can do but Pray God shields them from these monsters

  3. COVID-19 was the flu which in many cases (imo) were flu like symptoms due to 5G
    Remember what was happening in China was after the mandated vaccinations started Dec. 1, 2019
    I think those experimental vaccines along with their 5G roll out caused the results we saw.
    That put many in fear mode and as we know fear is a powerful weapon of war.
    Their evil plan was all about getting the fearful and ignorant to take the test and the jab.
    This is an excellent lecture by Dr. Judy Mikovits but skip to the 52 minute mark to hear about the magnetics
    and here is the article she refers to

  4. How oh so Benevolent they all try to sound!

    Evil leads all the research, it will never be used for good.

    Guess we the people had best make our own underground labs to figure this shit and the counters to it out!

    If you ever read Eric Drexlers theory of nanotechnology when he was still at Berkeley in the early 80s

    Then you’ll know they are so much farther in secret on all of this shit; it is scary.

    I believe they have already not just cracked the DNA human genome

    They have the tech to regenerate to youth cells and people..

    How the fk else is Kissinger and Soros and their ilk still walking this earth..!

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